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Kidz Klub -- Session 1
11/4, 11/18, 12/2, 12/9, 12/16, 1/6, 1/13, 1/20 (1/27 for snow make-up if necessary) 
1. Sports of All Sorts (Grades K-3)
Sports Universe Sports Class @ Harrison ! For all our sports enthusiasts, experience a different sport every week! 
2. Photography (Grades K - 5)
Presented by 5 Star Media. The class will focus on different aspect of the production process. Students will learn to light, shoot, and enhance the different genres and styles of photography. Some of the genres are covered are A) models and fashions; B)Food and products; C)Portraits; D)Interiors and artificial light; E)Stylistic lighting and shadows, etc. Students have options to bring their own camera or purchase an camera from the instructor. 
3. The MAD Side of Science ! (Grades 3-5) 
Join us after school in the Mad Science club for some awesome hands on fun ! Become a detective, an engineer, a chemist, a film maker and more ! Take apart the earth as you explore volcanoes, or become a toy maker as you explore the science of toys ! Create crazy cool concoctions and explore the human body as we learn what makes us tick ! Every week we explore a new and exciting topic and create something to take home ! Let’s get Mad and Silly with MAD SCIENCE ! 
4. All About Clay (Grades K-5)
This class is for kids who are eager to learn how to build and create their own clay art. Students will design wet clay, paint fired pieces, and add creative touches like beads to projects including wind chimes and peace signs. Other projects may include fossils, turtles, fish bowl with sea life, star and butterfly bowls and more. Instructors will incorporate fun facts in history, science, and nature as they relate to the student projects. 
5. Glass Fusing (Grades 3-5)
The art of glass fusing is over 2,000 years old. Techniques were developed by the Egyptians and then the Romans. This interactive class teaches the foundations of glass fusing while exploring different techniques to create fun, colorful fused glass projects from opaque, transparent, and iridescent glasses. Learn about the other forms glass can take, from stringers, noodles, marbles, to liquid glass. All glass pieces will be kiln fired. Instructors will incorporate fun facts in history, science, and nature, as they relate to the students work. Some projects may include night lights, wind chimes, bowls, and jewelry. 
6.  Global Mythology (Grades 3 - 5)
In ancient times people wove stories about powerful spirits and diabolical monsters to help explain things that they didn’t understand about life, death, nature and time. We’ll journey through history, analyzing the stories that grew into the great books of Mythology and creating a collection of fabulous projects based on the most amazing myths ever! We’ll study pre–historic, Ancient Far Eastern, Greek, Viking, Roman, Native American and Egyptian myths and explore the world’s cultures together. 
 7. Fashion Plate (Grade K - 5)
The world of fashion is exciting and fun! By crafting fabulous looks with headwear, clothing, accessories and more you’ll get the creative juices flowing in a unique and special way. Learn all about the wonderful world of fashion design as you imagine and create your own great garment and coordinating accessories, then show them off on the catwalk and become the next great fashion star!
8. Comedy Cafe Dinner Theater  (Grade 3 - 5) 
Are you the kind of kid who can make everyone laugh on the spur of the moment? Let’s put on a show and give our audience an evening of great fun and a lot of laughs like it’s done at great comedy clubs all over the country. We’ll learn the art of writing and performing an awesome standup comedy act, create props, scenery and everything that will turn an evening in the cafeteria into a gut busting comedy event, complete with food, family, friends and lots of fun!
9. Grossology   (Grades K - 3)
Enter a world of all things gross as we venture into the body and take a look at how things work. We’ll check out the nasal passages to see boogers growing and into the ear canal where wax abounds. The digestive system will show us how burps, farts and barf sing their songs and the process that produces number one and number two will fascinate you beyond anything you’ve ever imagined! We’ll create artwork, do some basic science experiments and have a total blast as we learn about the world full of grossness that lives in us all.
10. Magic (Grades K-5)
Did you ever wonder how magicians do their tricks ? Now you will find out ! Students are taken behind the scenes to discover the secrets to magic. Every week, each child will receive magic tricks to share with their family and friends. 
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