2012- 2013 Scope and Sequence text

5th Grade IRLA in the Resource Center-
Students will continue to read with phrasing, intonation and orally in an effective way. Students will use the following reading comprehension strategies to explore texts with different genres.

Making connections-
Students will be able to show or think of how 2 or more things are related. Students will relate one aspect to another. The students will also search for and use connections to fund the knowledge they have gained from personal, world, and text experiences.

Questioning the Text- The students will be encouraged to ask "thick" questions before, during, and after reading. The students will use critical thinking skills write questions and answer in a reasonable manner.                                                               

- Students will begin to arrive at a decision or opinion by reasoning from known facts or evidence. Students will go beyond the literal meaning of a text to derive what is not there but is implied.

Summarizing- Students will present the substance or general idea in a brief from. Students will put together the important information while reading.

Synthesizing- Students will bring together parts or elements to form a whole. Students will put together information from the text and from personal, world and literary knowledge to create new understandings.

Analyzing- Students will separate and break up a whole into its parts to find out their nature, proportion, function, interrelationship or properties.

Critiquing- Students will make judgments through analyzing the qualities and evaluating them. Students will judge or evaluate a text based on personal, world or text knowledge.

  • With the listed comprehension strategies, the students will use a multi-sensory reading approach to enhance their reading. Students will use a variety of strategies. These include dictation, the use of manipulatives and repeating sounds orally.
    ******We will continue with our Reading Workshop program.  The children will be doing lots of reading...read alouds, independent reading, partner reading, and shared class reading. Each night books will go home for evening reading.  Please make sure the book comes back the next day so your child can participate in the reading activities.
  • Students will continue to build their sight word vocabulary and utilize the words before, during and after reading a text.
  • Students will utilize correct punctuation, sentence structure and mechanics in their everyday writing. This will be emphasized during weekly word study work.
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