Italian 1

Schema di lavoro (Syllabus) 2014-2015

Signora Fannell


   All sections require that students incorporate the interpretive, interpersonal, and

   presentational modes of communication.

   In this course the students will have the opportunity to learn the Italian language and

   explore the culture throughout practical vocabulary and grammar used in real-life




(Attraverso l’Italia contemporanea)

Julia M. Cozzarelli / Ithaca College

VISTA Higher Learning, Boston, Massachusetts




FIRST SEMESTER (September 2014 – January 2015)


   Unit 1

   o   Nouns & articles

   o   Subject pronouns

   o   Adjectives and agreement

   o   Telling time

   o   Numbers and colors

   o   Vocabulary associated with school, college and greetings.

   o   Culture: addressing people in a familiar and formal ways.


   Unit 2

   o   Regular –ARE, -ERE ending verbs

   o   Irregulars verbs andare, fare, stare and dare

   o   Verb “avere” (to have)

   o   Verb “piacere” (to like)

   o   Vocabulary associated with pastimes, sport, outdoor activities, and weather.

   o   Culture: the most famous sport in Italy “Il calcio”


   SECOND SEMESTER (January – June 2015)

   Unit 3

   o   Possessives adjectives

   o   Articles and prepositions

   o   Interrogative words

   o   Demonstrative adjectives

   o   Vocabulary associated with family and friends.

   o   Culture: Italians around the world.


   Unit 4

   o   Verbs dovere, potere and volere

   o   Tense: Il passato prossimo con avere / essere

   o   The verbs dire, uscire, and venire

   o   The verbs conoscere and sapere

   o   Vocabulary associated with technology, shopping, and fashion.

   o   Culture: “la casa della moda” in Milan.

   *If time allows, the movie "Cinema Paradiso" will take place.
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