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Reading Skills:
This website is helpful in reinforcing grammar, reading and word skills:

Test your dolphin comprehension

Test your elephant comprehension 

Word Confusion Game

 The Elvis that cried Mouse book

 Words in Context pie throwing game

Helpful Study Websites:
All about photosynthesis:
Earth, Moon, Sun
Human Body:
 Social Studies:
Southeast Region
The Life of a Slave before the Civil War
A quick overview of the life of a slave and what life was like even after slavery was abolished.
Learn more about the life of a typical slave living in the South.
Navigating a Plantation
Explore an overview of a plantation's layout.
A Southern Plantation
New Jersey Websites
More helpful geography websites.
  • Latitude and Longitude Quiz
    Answers to any topic, an online encyclopedia
    Northeast Region


This website is helpful to review and practice math facts.  This also times you, to improve your rate.

Math Play Ground

Algebra Games and more!

AAA Math

Practice for all math topics

All Math
Vocabulary, reference material, teacher resources and great parent resources.

A Plus Math
Math practice and games.

Math League
Resources for 4th to 8th grade with lots of challenging topics

All about probability--terminology, problems, etc.

Math Frog
Lots of games and math practice

A Math Dictionary for Kids
Math vocabulary site created by kids

Pattern Blocks

Dr. Math
helpful math site when you have questions about math

Create a Graph!
graphing program for kids.

Cool Math for Kids
Many math games for kids!

Extra Helpful Websites
Keyboarding Practice
Keyboard with better speed accuracy from the UK


Test Prep Websites


 All Topics:

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