April, 2015

Science Test on Simple machines: Wednesday, April 22 
I am available for extra help at recess on Monday and Tuesday. There will also be an in class review on Tuesday.
We have  transitioned to a physics unit on force and motion as well as simple machines. So far, students have explored levers, inclined planes, screws,and Newton's laws of motion. Students will be building their own compound machines later in this unit and they will demonstrate their machines in  an "Invention Convention" held for the other grades to see.
In ELA, students are reading non fiction books and articles about the American Revolution in order to make a Google Slides presentation about an area of interest to them.
 There is a new reading log format  Also, students should still be recording their thinking while they are reading for 30 minutes each night using post its. 
Special schedule 2014 -2015: Before School activities
Day 1 - P.E. Mr. Schinelli             (GT Art )
Day 2 -  Music
Day 3 - Art                                    (GT Music )
Day 4 - P.E.                                  (Chorus )
Day 5 - Media                               (Orchestra)
Day 6 - Spanish                             (Band)
Please contact me with any questions and concerns. My email is  cebneth@livingston.org
Straight ahead!
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