February, 2017
Science Test on Friday, March 3 
    The new science unit we have started is "Earth's Systems". Currently, students are making a timeline of the major events in the history of our planet. We will be studying how fossils form, examine models of various fossils and make a fossil. Students will continue to participate in many STEM and other hands-on activities.
  In ELA, students have completed  their opinion writing  pieces, and will be starting a writing piece based on doing research on a topic of interest to them, and then writing a non-fiction piece. Students will be reading non-fiction as well. Guided reading groups are ongoing, where students receive more individual attention with their reading. There is daily conferencing about their writing. There are grammar lessons, word study and character lessons done regularly each week.  

Day 1: PE
Day 2: Music
Day 3: PE
Day 4: Art
Day 5: Media
Day 6: Spanish
Chorus - Day 4
Orchestra -  Day 5
Band - Day 6
GT Art - Day 1
GT Music - Day 3 at Collins 
 Please contact me with any questions and concerns. My email is Straight ahead!

Last Modified on February 17, 2017