November 2015             eruption

 Science Test on Monday, December 7. Study guide will be given out on Monday, Nov. 30. 
   In science, we have begun the Changing Earth unit. This unit explores why the Earth is an active planet and what causes things like volcanoes and earthquakes. Students will be making many models in class that demonstrate earth's movements.
   In ELA, reading workshop, students are studying characters in their books and thinking about their struggles, motivations and how they change throughout the course of a book.  In writing, students will be developing their own ideas about the themes they uncover in books, songs and poems. They will then choose a topic and write a literary essay.  
A period in the morning where students will be working on grammar, vocabulary and word study will continue throughout the school year There will be a weekly anti-bullying  lesson as well. There have been five such lessons and number six will be taught next week.
Specials: 12:15  - 1:00
Day 1 - P.E.
Day 2 - Music
Day 3 - P.E.
Day 4 - Art
Day 5 - Media
Day 6 - Spanish
Before School Activities 
Chorus -      Day 4
Orchestra -  Day 5
Band -         Day 6 
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