April 2016
 PARCC tests are running from April 18 to April 29. Language Arts will be tested over four days, 90 minutes each day. Then on April 26 we will start 4 days of Math tests, 60 minutes each day. 
April is autism awareness month and students will be learning some basic facts about autism by reading appropriate materials and watching videos about autism.
In science, we are in a unit on space and space technology. In this unit students learn the origins of the solar system and how that differs from the beginning of the universe in the Big Bang. Students learn through models the size and distance between the planets. They also learn about the outer limits of the solar system, the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud. Students have completed a timeline of space technology and are in the process of building a model space probe of their own.
In ELA, reading and writing workshop, students have completed and presented a Google Slides presentation on the Revolutionary War.   After PARCC testing is over, we will be beginning a reading / writing unit on Fantasy.  There is a period in the morning where students will be working on grammar, vocabulary,  word study and character education. This will continue throughout the school year. 
Specials: 12:15  - 1:00
Day 1 - P.E.
Day 2 - Music
Day 3 - P.E.
Day 4 - Art
Day 5 - Media
Day 6 - Spanish
 Please contact me with any questions and concerns. My email is  cebneth@livingston.org
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