There will be a note book check for the Changing Earth unit only on Wednesday, Oct. 15. Notes are expected to be in date order with the oldest dates  toward the front of the section and the most recent class notes towards the back. There was an activity done on Sept. 24 you may have, otherwise you should have "Our Earth" from Sept. 29. If any page is not three hole punched, it may be kept in the science folder

There will be a quiz that covers the information of  the past few weeks of the Changing Earth unit on Monday, Oct. 20. More specific information will be distributed on Wednesday, Oct. 15. 
Don't forget to bring in "Stuff the Bus" donations by this Wednesday. (Pasta in a box or mac and cheese box) Thank you to the families that have already donated. 
In science, we are well into our Changing Earth unit. The  Changing Earth examines the forces that have shaped our planet. Right now student's are learning about the theory of plate tectonics, and how the plates move across the mantle.  This unit includes many models the students make in order to understand the earth and how the surface has been constantly changing. 
 In language arts, students are reading books of their own choice, setting goals of where they would like to improve this year and working in reading partnerships. They are also working on writing their own personal narrative story. 
Special schedule 2014 -2015:
                                              Before School activities
Day 1 - P.E. Mr. Schinelli             (GT Art )
Day 2 -  Music
Day 3 - Art                                    (GT Music )
Day 4 - P.E.                                  (Chorus )
Day 5 - Media                               (Orchestra)
Day 6 - Spanish                             (Band)
Please contact me with any questions and concerns. My email is 
volcano alaska  
 Straight ahead!



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