There is a Google classroom assignment due on Thursday, Dec. 18. Please log in at home and complete the earth history timeline reflection begun in class.  Use the organizer and notes you wrote in class. Projects sent in late will lose points.
The new science unit has started and students will be learning about the history of the earth, especially the history of life. Students will learn the four major era's of Earth's history and the major events that have occurred during the eras, such as evolution and extinctions.  They will be making a time line and studying and making fossils.
 There is a new reading log format that requires at least three different reading skill responses per week. Please read the directions carefully. The summary after completing the book is no longer required. Also, students should be recording their thinking while they are reading for 30 minutes each night using post its. 
In language arts, students are reading to interpret the books they read and form theories about characters and author's intentions based on their reading, and students will then be writing literary essays about the books they are reading. They will also write a compare/ contrast essay about two pieces of literature.
Special schedule 2014 -2015: Before School activities
Day 1 - P.E. Mr. Schinelli             (GT Art )
Day 2 -  Music
Day 3 - Art                                    (GT Music )
Day 4 - P.E.                                  (Chorus )
Day 5 - Media                               (Orchestra)
Day 6 - Spanish                             (Band)
Please contact me with any questions and concerns. My email is
Straight ahead!
Burgess Shale                                                            trilobite
Burgess Shale Organisms - 545 Million years ago                                                        Trilobite fossil found in the Burgess Shale
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