May, 2015

On Wednesday, May 20,  there will be a short fill in quiz on the parts of a seed. 
The Invention Convention was a great success! Thank you to all parents that had a hand in helping bring your child's invention to completion. There will most likely be pictures at the 5th grade moving up ceremony.
  Our next unit will be on biological communities and ecosystems, which we have just started as of May 7.  We will  be growing the tomato seeds provided by NASA as a blind study experiment which is officially called Tomatosphere. That will start later next week.
In ELA, students are reading historical fiction and working in book clubs.  In writing workshop, students are doing their own independent research on a topic of their choosing and developing their own websites about their topics using Google Sites. 
 Please continue to log your independent reading as well as book club reading.  Also, students should still be recording their thinking while they are reading for 30 minutes each night using post its. 
Special schedule 2014 -2015: Before School activities
Day 1 - P.E. Mr. Schinelli             (GT Art )
Day 2 -  Music
Day 3 - Art                                    (GT Music )
Day 4 - P.E.                                  (Chorus )
Day 5 - Media                               (Orchestra)
Day 6 - Spanish                             (Band)
Please contact me with any questions and concerns. My email is
Straight ahead!
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