mpe weekly update


MPE Weekly Update

                                                                                                                        June 18,2014 



Stackthe Caps is coming to MPE again this year! Please use a bag (provided in the main office) tocollect all NEW, ADJUSTABLE BASEBALL HATS. The cap CANNOT be worn by the childas pediatric cancer patients need them to be brand new for health reasons.  During Stack the Caps, each child will stackhis/her cap(s) while their grade cheers them on! When we are done stacking, wewill measure how many feet each grade has stacked and add them up to get atotal number of feet collected. We are hoping to beat our total from last year! The caps collected will be donated tothe Valerie Fund at St. Barnabas for pediatric cancer patients.Stack theCaps began in 2008 at Camp Starlight in Starlight, Pennsylvania. The event wasinspired by a wonderful camper and a true role model for adolescent girls,Brielle Namer, who died from a very rare form of cancer. Brielle was also aformer Mount Pleasant Elementary student.

Anyquestions please email orMichelle Hartman at  Thank you so much for supporting this worthycause!


2014-2015SCHOOL TOOL KITS (ONLINE ORDERS ONLY- deadline to order 6/30/14) - The end of the year isapproaching and it is time again to order your school supplies for next year.The PTA is happy to offer you this opportunity. The boxes have everything yourchild will need and the box is delivered to your child's desk and ready forthem the first day of school. All you need to do is click on the following linkand follow the user friendly steps on the website to purchase your Tool Kit foryour child:



2014-2015Interest Sheets- Volunteer NOW and get involved in the MPE PTA for 2014-2015 school year. Click here to learn about allthe different committees and various ways you can get involved.  Clickhere to sign up!  We can't do itwithout your help! Together we can make 2014-2015 a great year for our kids andMPE!  If you have any questions pleasecontact Alyssa Fleisher alyssa_fleisher@yahoo.comor Laura Goren


Please clickhere to sign up to be a class parent for the 2014-2015 school year.


Printed BuzzBooks are Coming Back to MPE!

Pre-orderyour printed Buzz Book for 2014-2015 with your paid PTA Membership! Clickhere to fill-out the form and pay using PayPal (or check). You can alsopre-order your Kid Stuff book clickhere for next year and pay for the Birthday Book Club clickhere all in one easy transaction!  Please make sure you fill out each individualform and make one PayPal transaction. Any questions, please contact Mindy Zoller



BOXTOPS – Congratulations to Ms. Li’s classfor winning our last BoxTops contest of the year. They did an amazing job andhave earned themselves extra recess time for the last week of school. Way togo!! The PTA would like to thank co-chairs, JEN PAWLAK and MICHELLE EPSTEIN fortheir hard work and dedication to our box tops program. You did an incrediblejob keeping us all motivated throughout the year! Also, the BoxTops committeewants to say a huge thank you and congratulations to all the parents andstudents who have participated in this terrific fundraising program. You havehelped raise more than $1100 this school year alone, surpassing our 2013-2014goal! Your efforts made buying a gaga pit for our MPE students possible andhopefully lots more terrific things for our school in years to come. Pleasekeep clipping your BoxTops over the summer and save them to turn in to schoolin the fall!



I would like to take this opportunity to thank the MPE PTA boardwho has worked tirelessly to bring the MPE community a great year! AlyssaFleisher, Mindy Zoller, Jennie Kwak, Jessica Kooper, Ilona Izversky, SylviaEnde, Sumathi Nambi, Caryn Epstein, Tami Fersko, Sonal Batra, Eliza Millman andIlyse Shainbrown. Thank you for your time, passion, and dedication. For all thehours and commitment you have put into our school to better it for all of ourchildren. It has been a privilege and an honor to have worked with you. Thankyou so much for everything you have accomplished. Also I would like to thankMs. Kosonocky for all her help, support and leadership. Thank you to Mrs.Writt, Mrs. Masi, and Mrs. Soutar for all your help and support throughout thiswhole year. Could not have done it without you!




Thisweek’s end of the year luncheon for the teachers and the PTA was great. Thankyou so much to Jodi Eisner and Robyn Laveman and their entire committee fordoing such a fantastic job this year with the luncheon and all of the teacherappreciation events!

A big thank you to Jennifer Powers for he all of her hard worm this year inmaking sure that the media always had volunteers to help out.

This year’s birthday book club was a big success. All of the children lovedseeing their names in their books and our library was able to purchase so manynew books. A huge thank you to Jennifer Durante and Melissa Arends for ensuringits success.

Next year’s incoming Kindergarteners had a great visit and tour of MPE. Thankyou so much to Robyn Laveman, Laura Goren, Ilene Kates, Stefanie Braverman andtheir entire committee for planning such a nice welcome to our new students andtheir families.


A special thanks toAmy Stern for running the Art Appreciation Committee for several years. Thanksalso to Stefanie Braverman, Beth Zoller, Julie Kaplan and Soma Chaudhuri for co-chairingit this year and enriching the lives of our children and introducing them tomany artists. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped them in this effort.


Thanks to MichelleEpstein and Jen Pawlak for running the Box Tops Committee. We have a new Gagapit thanks to their effort. Every evening it is a pleasure to see many childrenplaying there.


A special thanks toRuthelyn Elkin and Michelle Hartman for running the Cultural Arts Committee andbringing many speakers and assemblies to our school.


Thanks also to StaceyRubinstein in chairing the Environmental Awareness Committee and to JodiRothfeld for volunteering. We have a garden due to their effort and a newcontest. Thanks for educating our kids about the importance of protecting ourEnvironment.


Thanks also to KrisHurwitz and Nidhi Gupta for chairing PAGE and to Andrea Solomon for running theHelping Hands Committee. Thanks also to Laura Goren for running the ParentEducation Committee.


Thanks to Marta DePaz and Priti Churiwala in chairing the Multicultural night andMulticulturalism Committee with Soma Chaudhuri and in organizing the bestMulticultural night to date.


Thanks also toJessica Giat, Theresa Kahalany, Amy Fleischman and Jen Pawlak for running theNutrition Committee and introducing healthy choices in snacks and food to ourchildren.


A special thanks toAnita Vecchio for running both the School show and the school fair for severalyears. Both projects involve a lot of planning and implementation and areenjoyed by both parents and children. We can only imagine the huge effort thatis required to run both Committees one after another. Thanks to Lisa Mason andKristine Pritsiolas for chairing these committees with her and the manyvolunteers who help her in this effort.


Thanks to JulieArzonico for running the Sunshine Committee quietly and efficiently. ThanksJulie for showing that we care.


Thankyou to all the volunteers on these committees that work around the year andespecially the chairs that lead these efforts...the Allergy Awareness - JessicaGiat and Heather Schulman and Safety - Jennifer Powers.


Specialthank you to Jodi Eisner for her ongoing dedication to the PTA in variouscapacities as the BOE Observer, the head of the Budget Task force and theNominating committee just to name a few. Jodi has made a tremendouscontribution over the years to our school and we'll miss her dearly.


Thankyou to all the Class Parent Coordinators - Kara Baltuch, Nancy Wayne, AnitaVecchio and Sumathi Nambi and all the Class Moms for your dedication throughoutthe year.


Thankyou to the Yearbook chairs Jodi Eisner and Gwen Samuels who once again puttogether a fantastic yearbook that the kids will treasure for years to come.And thank you to all the parent volunteers that submitted pictures and helpedwith the yearbook.


Anda HUGE thank you to our Web Wizard, Mindy Zoller who tirelessly andrelentlessly keeps us all abreast of the latest news at MPE through the weeklyPTA updates as well as by managing the PTA web content. We can't thank Mindyenough for all her time and energy that she devotes to the PTA.



Subscriptionbusing is available on a lottery basis for LPS students who are not eligiblefor free busing. Applications are due June 30. ClickHERE for the application.



For up to date PTAinformation please check the MPE PTA school website.



MPE Reminder - Mark your calendars!

Jun 18 – 5th Grade moving up ceremony

Jun 19 – partial day

Jun 20 – Stack the caps

Jun 20 – partial day, 5th Grade clap out

Jun 30 – Last day to order 2014-2015 tool kits


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