Middle School/High School Grading Policy for ESL Students:
Students earn regular grades in ESL. Grades are based on
Homework        15%                     
Projects/Essays  15%
Quizzes              25%
Tests                  45%                 
ESL students in content area classes can earn a regular letter grade of A,B, or C or S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory). If students can earn a regular letter grade, then that is the grade they will receive.  If, however, a student is struggling with the language and is unable to earn a grade of A,B, or C, then he/she will receive an S if the effort is Satisfactory or a U for Unsatisfactory effort.  Students in the Middle Schools may have this grading option for as long as they need it.  Students at the High School, however, may only use the S/U grading option for Marking Periods 1 and 2.  Should they continue to need the S/U. then they will NOT receive credit for the course.  Please email me with any questions about the grading policy.
Try these strategies:
1) Use a bilingual dictionary or translator in class;
2) Sit in front;
3) Work with a "study buddy" or sign up for OST at LHS
(Organization of Student Tutors);
4) Go for extra help before/after class/school
5) If you cannot do all of the assignments, do as much
as you can;
6) Keep a notebook of new words;
LHS students sign a contract with content area teachers if an S/U is needed. This option may ONLY be used for MP 1 and 2. A regular grade of A,B or C is needed in MP 3 and 4 in order to earn credit for the course.
Last Modified on June 25, 2013