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Welcome to your final year in the Science Research Program!
In the third and final year of this three-year sequence, students, having identified their topic of research, read scientific literature and completed the bulk of the research, will analyze, and discuss results. Final reports and papers will be compiled for submission to Intel and other research competitions.  Please see the following links to competitions entered by students in the past.  As a senior, you are required to enter four (4) competitions with three required being Intel STS, JSHS, and NJRSF.  It is your responsibility to print, read, and follow the rules for each competition you choose to enter.  Best of Luck!
Here are some research paper guidelines:
Here is the PowerPoint on Scientific Writing we worked through in class.
Please be reviewing past papers and begin writing your own methods section.
Possible Competitions:
Teacher Name: Brian Carey
Honors Science Research III
Room: S27 (M, W, F)
           Library (T, R)


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