Unit 4: Political Organization of Space
Wagah Border Ceremony
The Wagah Border ceremony closed the border between India and Pakistan for years. Tourists on both sides of the
border would watch and cheer with their cameras ready to see the gaurds performing the nightly ritual. In 2010 the
ceremony was toned down. The reason, according to the Indian side was "leg injuries" from the rigid
foot-pressing and leg-stretching movements.

Watch a video of the closing ceremony by the BBC below. Also, note where the filming is occuring.
Its not a coincidence. Think about it! 

Political Organization of Space Terms List

IV. Political Organization of Space . 13–17% 

   A. Territorial dimensions of politics 
       1. The concept of territoriality
       2. The nature and meaning of boundaries
       3. Influences of boundaries on identity, interaction, and exchange   
       4. Federal and unitary states
       5. Spatial relationships between political patterns and patterns 
            of ethnicity, economy, and environment 
   B. Evolution of the contemporary political pattern 
        1 The nation-state concept 
        2. Colonialism and imperialism 
        3. Democratization
   C. Changes and challenges to political–territorial arrangements 
        1. Changing nature of sovereignty 
        2. Fragmentation, unification, alliance
        3. Supranationalism and devolution 
        4. Electoral geography, including gerrymandering 
        5. Terrorism

Gerrymandering Puzzles
Can you solve Slate's Gerrymandering Puzzles? Try to through this web interactive.  
The World's Failed States Index
Each year, Foreign Policy magazine puts out a list of the worlds failed states. Examine the criteria and states listed. Compare this years list to lists from the past and see if you agree! Also, challenge yourself to consider themes from the unit and course. For example to what extent did the shape of a state contribute to the designation of a "failed state."
8 Geopolitically Endangered Species
A though provoking article from Foreign Policy on endangered areas and what is at stake.

Political Science Quarterly
Published by the Academy of Political Science since 1886 this site is informative, well kept, and sometimes a little controversial! Its a perfect mix for the budding human geographer.
The Gallup Poll
Have you ever been curious to learn more about the Gallup Poll? Well, look no further! There are poll results (such as presidential approval ratings) articles, explanations and even socioeconomic analysis of results. Excellent resource.
Christine Shelley Gets Asked About Genocide
The then Press Secretary, Christine Shelley, has to find her way around some difficult questions concerning genocide. I recommend using CTRL F and searching for her name in this transcript.

100 Days of Slaughter
Timeline of the most violent days in Rwanda and international reactions.
Hotel de Mille Collines
The hotel is under new ownship and undergone extensive renovations. Take a look at the real Mille Collines Hotel style. 

European Union: Conditions for Applying
Before applying for entry into the European Union, a country must meet the conditional requirements. This is the “Copenhagen Criteria.”

Agreement Between the EU and Croatia
Even though Croatia is a Candidate country for the European Union, they have a Stabilisation and Association Agreement. They also have the financial support of the European Union in their reform efforts.

European Union: Candidate Countries
Examine some of the candidate countries here. Some of the countries have been trying to become part of the European Union for a long time and there has been a degree of controversy associated with some countries. Examine this map and click on countries for extra information.

Who'll be the Odd Man Out?
This article appeared before the redistricting issue was decided. An interesting look at what was considered before deciding.
Census 2010: Gains and Losses in Congress
This is a great interactive from the NY Times that shows how state congressional seats were affected by the Census.

The Debate of New Districts
Here is the latest news from the redistricting issues occuring in Texas!

The Redistricting Game
Fun and educational! Take the challenges that are given to you and try to draw districts fairly, while pleasing as many people as possible. Easier said than done! This game has been used mostly in college education (there are great reviews from professors at Stanford and Colorado State among others) but I think you can handle the challenge. :-)

Truffle Trafficking
Watch this interesting report that was on 60 minutes. Truffle trafficking, by some experts is being likened to drug trafficking. This report includes a focus on international boundaries and trade restrictions.  

Recent Interview with Paul Rusesabagina
The film Hotel Rwanda was a big screen production, but Paul Rusesabagina helped ensure the film was as accuratein its portrayl as possible. He even went back to Rwanda in 2003 as they were filming, and since, and discusses the progress (and lack of progress at the same time) that it is making.

Hotel Rwanda: Full Feature Film
Here is a link to the full length feature film Hotel Rwanda. Please use it if you need to rewatch any specific areas for reference in your film critiques.
Interview with Immaculee Ilibaguza
Here is a video from a Rwandan Genocide survivor. It is gripping, emotional, and contains graphic news images of the genocide.

ometimes In April: Full Film
Here is another film that is a story framed by the Rwandan genocide. It is considerably more graphic than Hotel Rwanda. We did not view this in class, but it is suggested enrichment viewing.

ESPN 30 for 30: Once Brothers
This is really an amazing documentary. If you were having trouble identifying with the breakup of Yugoslavia, this might help to clear things up. The documentary follows the Yugoslavian National Basketball Team in the 1980s. In particular it focuses on the friendship of two players, Dražen Petrović (Croatian) and Vlade Divac (Serbian) and how their relationship (and their team) is forever changed once ethnic conflict breaks out in Yugoslavia. Here is a short clip entitled "The Flag Incident."

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