All Historical Studies
A Student's Guide to History
The online abridged version of the book that helped many history students refine their skills!

Social Studies Skill Tutor
This is an excellent site to help students with various skills needed to suceed in studying history.
Human Rights Watch
Click here to see current human rights issues all over the world, and find out how you can get involved to help.
My Wonderful World
Join top-rated scientists from the Smithsonian and discover the world around you!

Eyewitness to History
History through the eyes of those who lived it. Includes both United States and World History events.
Global Studies
Modern World History Textbook Companion Site:
Here is the companion site to your Modern World History Textbook. There are online quizzes, crossword puzzles, chapter summaries, and more. Use it to your advantage.
The U.N. Official Website
Visit this site to find out everything from how the United Nations "works," to current world issues, and ways you can contribute. Also, considering the World Headquarters is a mere 17 miles from Livingston, visiting hours would be a good idea, as well.
Map of Africa
Interactive Geopolitical Map of Africa

Smithsonian: African Voices
Follow the interactive timeline of this online exhibit for insight into major events from the Nile Valley to Colonialism  to Independence.
Images of Colonial Africa
Shows images and photographs of Africa under colonial rule.

Nelson Mandela
Profile Biography
Kwame Nkrumah
Famous landmark speech "I speak of Freedom"

Leave None to Tell the Tale
Firsthand accounts of the Genocide in Rwanda.Complete with intro, history of conflict and propaganda that contributed to the genocide.

The Decision to Drop the Bomb
This site has documents that led to the decision to drop the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Hiroshima Archive
A collection of photos spanning 1945 to present.
United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees
Website dedicated to the UN Refugee agency.
Revolutions in Science and Technology
A Science Odyssey
This is the site for an excellent PBS series. The webpage has biographies of famous theorist, scientists, and inventors, as well as interactive features that show scientific developments and discoveries over time!
New York Times: Science Section
Stop by this site for both current articles, and historical perspectives.
Famous Inventors: Student Quiz
Here is a quiz made for students by students. Part of the Oracle Think Quest Education Foundation.  
Bio.True Story Search
Search for inventors and scientists (or any promonient history figure) on this site search. Results give everything from text to timeline to video!
TED Ideas Worth Spreading
A site that will inspire. Visit the TEDtalks section to hear discussions on various topics of health, culture, technology, and economics.
BBC: Historic Figures
Excellent compilation of historic figures throughout history.
American History Studies
Supreme Court of the United States:
Here you will find out all information on our nation's highest court.

Supreme Court Cases Summaries
Click the link below for summaries on landmark Supreme Court Cases. Great for projects, review, and flashcard making!

Jamestown Online Adventure
Your in charge of Jamestown in this fun and educational simulation!

Virtual Jamestown
Take a virtual tour of historic Jamestown through pictures and media.

Liberty! The American Revolution
Includes a fun trivia game on major events of the American Revolution.

John Adams (HBO)
Award winning documentary with chronicles both the personal and professional life of our nation's second president. 

Declaration of Independence
Our nation's Declaration of Independence in original format.

American Revolution Interactive Maps
Use this site as a guide to study major battles of the Revolutionary War.

Electoral College Activity
The Electoral College can be difficult to understand. Use this activity to apply math skills to our government's electing system.
Animated Historical Map of the United States
This chronicles our nation's history through the use of a map. Turn up your volume as there is commentary. The second time you watch it turn your volume off and see how much you remember by narrating it yourself.
Trail of Tears
This excellent site by PBS discusses the Trail of Tears and westward expansion of the United States. It includes maps, media, and firsthand accounts of what life on the Trail of Tears was like.
Reform Movements
Underground Railroad Interactive
Travel the Underground Railroad with this interactive learning tool from National Geographic!

African in America
PBS site that offers primary sources, maps, narratives, and artifacts from the terrible transformation of Africans into American slaves, to the American Revolution to the judgment day of the American Civil War.  

The Cult of Domesticity
Find out more on this fascinating topic at one of CUNY’s library pages.

Sojourner Truth Virtual Institute
This project was made possible by help of the Michigan Council for Humanities. It includes her mission, famous speeches and quotes, as well as a biography. 
Britannica: Reform Movements
This is the search page from the Britannica online encyclopedia for reform movements
Britannica: An Age of Reform
Check here for an overview summary of all of the reform movements in the 1800s
Prison and Asylum Reform
Supplement on prison and asylum reform.
The Presidents of the United States
The official site of the United States government with a biography and explanation on each president.
Geography Studies
Globalization and Diversity: Geography of a Changing World
Online companion to geography textbook. Great for learning capitals, topography, and overarching themes that connect geography directly to the topics we study in class. Enjoy.
Jane Goodall Institute
A global nonprofit organization that empowers people to make a difference for all living things and builds on Dr. Goodall’s scientific work and her humanitarian vision.
Rainforest Alliance
Site that looks at the causes and consequences of destroying rainforest. Complete with facts, figures, timelines, and ways to help.
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection offers numerous historical map based on time period, major events, or geological location. These maps vary from outline maps, political, topographical and population density maps. These can be VERY useful for projects, or extra study.

Historical Maps of Africa
Chronicles the changing political geography of the African continent.
History Skills

How to Make a Graphic Organizer
Great site for students to highlight visual note-taking techniques! 
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