LPS curriclum & instruction
As part of the LPS Strategic Plan, the following curriculum goal has been set...
The District's Pre K-12 research-based curriculum will encourage and empower
each student to achieve his/her respective potential.
Strand 1 - Curriculum: What Students Learn
Strategic Goals
1. To design and maintain a standards-based curriculum in each area of instruction, which is based on a consistent, research-based framework for curriculum development, implementation, and assessment. The characteristics of this framework would require that each curricular area:
a. Provides equitable access to the curriculum, clearly articulates the levels of proficiency and mastery expected, and supports both remediation and higher-level learning.
b. Is developed on a Grades Pre K-12 continuum, which incorporates horizontal and vertical articulation and includes aligned benchmarks, outcomes, and assessments that are data driven.
2. To engage students in relevant and meaningful learning experiences.
a. Identify what all students need to know, understand, and be able to do in order to thrive in a complex, evolving, global, technologically oriented, and sustainable environment and develop the necessary programs for addressing these skills on a Grades Pre K-12 basis.
b. Incorporate community service/service learning as a part of the curriculum, when appropriate.
3. To pursue educationally sound and fiscally responsible in-district programs and services for students with special needs.
All curriculum written across grade level and content area is aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. For a complete summary and explanation of these standards, please visit the New Jersey Department of Education website.
Pat Boland, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction