Gifted and Talented/Enrichment Department 
Gifted and talented education opens windows of opportunity for students to enhance their potential through collaboration, innovation, and problem solving. Students are challenged to engage in inquiry, take intellectual risks, exercise critical thinking, and reflect upon and develop their individual talents.
In Livingston Public Schools, we service an identified population as well as provide a distinct enrichment program offered to all students.
Students are identified through the use of multiple criteria and enjoy (participate in) small group classes. These unique programs focus upon such areas as described in the Interest-Based Clusters links on the menu to the left.
The Schoolwide Enrichment Program provides challenging opportunities which focus upon such areas as public speaking, creative problem solving, philosophical discourse.



Mrs. Patricia Boland
Assistant Superintendent
973-535-8000, x8022
Mrs. Lenore Argen
Heritage Middle School
973-535-8000, x7355
Mrs. Michele Bodow
Collins/Hillside Elementary Schools
973-535-8000, x8738
Mrs. Donna Ofstad
Mt. Pleasant Middle School
973-535-8000, x3011
Mrs. Karin Pinto
Burnet Hill/Harrison Elementary Schools
973-535-8000, x8733
Mrs. Donna Richter-Maschio
Mt. Pleasant/Riker Hill Elementary Schools
973-535-8000, x8803