LPS gifted and talented

The Gifted and Talented/Schoolwide Enrichment program provides specialized enrichment experiences to students in kindergarten through eighth grade through the implementation of elements of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model developed by Joseph S. Renzulli and Sally M. Reis.




Schoolwide and grade level enrichment activities are made available to all students, as well as meets the needs of an identified population through a pull-out program and alternatives such as independent study, cluster interest groups, and mentorships.

To be considered for the academically gifted program, students go through an identification process.  Parental approval is required before students can be tested, and final selection is based on test results and committee recommendation. Offerings provide differentiated instruction and enriching opportunities for those students identified through multiple criteria. Such students possess demonstrated or potential intellectual and creative abilities to such a degree that they require differentiated programming. This is accomplished through a pull-out program within small interest-based cluster groups.

In the Schoolwide Enrichment Program, program staff members provide in-class skill and process-training support, as well as enrichment opportunities for the general school population. Such opportunities focus upon critical and creative problem solving. There are three components of this program:

Schoolwide Enrichment Opportunities (Type I): enriching activities open to the whole school population. These are general exploratory activities aimed at allowing students to explore new, interesting and exciting topics.

Group Training Activities (Type II): decision-making, research and investigative skill development designed to introduce students to more advanced kinds of studies. The needs of Talent Pool students are met through in-depth training, which defines and delivers truly differentiated services based on students' individual abilities, interests and learning styles. This integrates differentiated instruction with general enrichment, the total school program and the regular curriculum.

Independent and Small Group Investigations (Type III): an opportunity for students to go beyond the academic curriculum in school to synthesize information in order to become an expert in an area they want to explore. These investigations are only for students who have shown an unusually high level of interest and commitment to a particular study.
There are also programs for youngsters with special talents in art (elementary and middle school) and music(elementary only).
The Parent Advocate Group for Excellence offers educational forums on topics about education for exceptional students. Each school's parent organization is represented on the committee and meetings are open to all interested parents and community members.