LPS gifted and talented
Welcome to the Gifted and Talented/Enrichment Department!
We offer two types of programs: a pull-out Academically Gifted Program and grade-level Enrichment programs. To be considered for the academically gifted program, students go through an identification process. In the Schoolwide Enrichment Program, staff members provide enrichment opportunities for the general school population. Such opportunities focus upon critical and creative problem solving. 
Please feel free to contact your school GT/Enrichment Teacher with any questions or concerns you might have.
There are also programs for youngsters with special talents in art (elementary and middle school) and music (elementary only).
The Parent Advocate Group for Excellence (PAGE) offers educational forums on topics about education for exceptional students. Each school's parent organization is represented on the committee and meetings are open to all interested parents and community members.
Mission Statement
Gifted and Talented students are a diverse group with a range of strengths and needs. It is our responsibility to provide intellectual challenge and academic support for this distinct group through small group pull-out programs and differentiation within a classroom.

Gifted and Talented students need opportunities to interact with other children who have similar skills and talents. They need to challenge each other’s capabilities and motivate each other to become involved in new areas of study.

We believe academically gifted students have unique needs and our philosophy acknowledges the need for and allow provision for a highly engaging and challenging academic learning environment.

We believe that gifted students need a qualitatively differentiated program which takes into consideration individual learning styles and special abilities. The program will help develop growth in inter- and intra- personal skills, as well as self-esteem using independent study, and critical and creative thinking. John Woolever states, “The beauty is not that we have found one way to teach the gifted, but that we recognize that many options are necessary, and we try to provide a good number of them.”