Central Office Staff 
Office of the Superintendent
James O'Neill Mr. James O'Neill
Interim Superintendent of Schools
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8011
Email: joneill@livingston.org 
Ms. Toni McLaughlin
Executive Assistant to Mr. O'Neill
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8011
FAX: 973-535-1254
Email: tmclaughlin@livingston.org
Mrs. Marilyn Joyce Lehren
Manager, Communications and Community Outreach
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8036
Email: mlehren@livingston.org  
Office of Curriculum & Instruction
Mary Oates Ms. Mary Oates
Assistant Superintendent
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8022
Email: moates@livingston.org
Mrs. MaryBeth Lentine
Administrative Assistant to Ms. Oates
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8022
FAX: 973-597-0692
Email: mlentine@livingston.org
Mrs. Geraldine DiPopolo
Administrative Assistant for Staff Development
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8029
Email: gdipopolo@livingston.org 
Office of Student Services & Instruction
Theodore Kozlik Dr. Ted Kozlik
Interim Assistant Superintendent
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8032
Email: tkozlik@livingston.org 
Ms. Erin Crookhorn
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Kozlik
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8032
FAX: 973-535-1246
Email: ecrookhorn@livingston.org
Mr. Todd Mitchell
K-12 Supervisor of Special Education
(Harrison, Hillside, MPE, MPM, Heritage)

Phone: 973-535-8000, x8048
Email: tmitchell@livingston.org 
Ms. Terry Santora
K-12 Interim Supervisor of Special Education
(Burnet Hill, Collins, Riker Hill, LHS)

Phone: 973-535-8000, x8107
Email: tsantora@livingston.org 
Mrs. Tina Renga
Director of Guidance
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8137
Email: trenga@livingston.org 
Dr. Rob Klein
Special Projects-Alternative Programs and Services (9-12 Supervisor)
Phone: 973-535-8000, x6932
Email: rklein@livingston.org 
Mrs. Chrylyn Bell-Myers
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8115
FAX: 973-535-1246
Email: cbellmyers@livingston.org 
Office of the Business Administrator
Steven Robinson Mr. Steven K. Robinson
School Board Administrator/Board Secretary
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8012
Email: srobinson@livingston.org
Ms. Joann Goldberg
Administrative Assistant to Mr. Robinson
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8012
FAX: 973-535-1254
Email: jgoldberg@livingston.org
Mrs. Amy Ennis
Registrar/Coordinator of District Facilities
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8002
Email: aennis@livingston.org
Mrs. Laurie Geraghty
Phone: 973-535-8000, x2360
Email: lgeraghty@livingston.org  
Mrs. Patricia Ramos
Manager, Accounting and Finance
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8015
Email: pramos@livingston.org

Mrs. Lisa Deczynski
Accounts Payable Clerk
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8033
FAX: 973-535-2899
Email: LDeczynski@livingston.org 
Mrs. Nancy Held
Accounts Payable Clerk
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8005
FAX: 973-535-2899
Email: nheld@livingston.org 
Mrs. Deborah Ludwig
Manager, Payroll
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8006
Email: dludwig@livingston.org

Mrs. Joan Reilly
Payroll/Benefits Assistant
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8004
FAX: 973-535-2899
Email: jreilly@livingston.org
Mr. Paul Ko
Manager, Buildings & Grounds
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8033
Email: pko@livingston.org 

Mr. Taulent Feti
Assistant Manager, Buildings & Grounds
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8020
Email: tfeti@livingston.org 
Ms. Maryann McGowan
Manager, Transportation
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8027
Email: mmcgowan@livingston.org
Mrs. Diane Preziosi
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8013
FAX: 973-535-1794
Email: dpreziosi@livingston.org
Human Resources Department
Susan Burman Mrs. Susan Burman
Manager, Human Resources
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8024
Email: sburman@livingston.org
Mrs. Katey Rulka
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8028
FAX: 973-597-0692
Email: krulka@livingston.org
Technology Department
Thomas Douglas Mr. Thomas Douglas
Manager, Technology
Phone: 973-535-8000, x2939
Email: tdouglas@livingston.org
Mrs. Julie Giannopoulos
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 973-535-8000, x2941
FAX: 973-597-0692
Email: jgiannopoulos@livingston.org
Mrs. Jannette Mercer-Braddock
Database Administrator
Phone: 973-535-8000, x8017
Email: jbraddock@livingston.org 
Mr. Le See
Network Administrator
Phone: 973-535-8000, x7000
Email: lsee@livingston.org 
Mrs. Elaine Titunick
Applications Architect/District Webmaster
Phone: 973-535-8000, x7349
Email: etitunick@livingston.org