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Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

BH Field Trip Burnet Hill kindergarteners enjoyed a beautiful day exploring the neighborhoods of Livingston. The town tour was part of the students’ Social Studies unit on Community. “As we looked out the windows of the bus we saw so many local hot spots, restaurants, the library, the Oval, and stores that many of us frequently visit,” observed teacher Lara Moskowitz.

The stops included the Pretzel Factory, where students saw how pretzels are made, and the Livingston Post Office, where they mailed letters. At Kings Supermarket, students took a tour, tasted fresh squeezed orange juice and delicious pineapple. At TD Bank, they visited the vault, saw the Penny Arcade and went into the drive through. The children reviewed fire safety at the fire station. Climbed into an ambulance at the First Aid Squad. Played law and order at the courtroom and police station, and even went to jail.