The mission statement for Livingston Schools is “empower all to learn, create, contribute, and grow.” In today’s technology driven, global society, technological literacy and capability is a vital component of this statement. Probably more so than any other time in history, it is imperative that students have an understanding of what technology is, how it impacts them, and how they can become active participants in our technology-based society. 

    James Novotny
    6-12 Technology, Design, and Engineering, Family/Consumer Science, and Business Education 

    Phone: 973-535-8000, x8053
    Technology, Design, & Engineering Teachers
    Lauren Atkins - Robotics, Electronic Fabrication, Architecture CAD, and Graphics
    Griff Hughes - Transportation and Automotive Technology, Woods Technology
    Brian Megaro - Stagecraft and Woods Technology
    Dave Richards - Engineering CAD, Architecture CAD, Transportation and Automotive Technology
    Cory Yersak - Technology & Engineering Design


    Must be completed and submitted by 11:59 PM May 28, 2018