You will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the unit content for the physical education course you are currently missing. As a non participant you will do this through the creation of a sport or unit review packet. The packet will contain information that demonstrates your cognitive understanding of the unit, as well as the psychomotor, or physical, understanding of the sport. This information may be shared and used to help others learn about physical education if the project quality is deemed appropriate. 


    Week one

    Student will:

    Research and develop an original study guide for the course/unit. Example – “Volleyball study guide”. The study guide must contain the following categories of information and be listed in the order presented

    • Title of the Course or Unit
    • History of the sport or activity.
    • Basic equipment description and needs.
    • Rules/Regulations.
    • Safety considerations.
    • Suggested game strategy (or purpose of activity if not a sport).
    • Diagram of court or playing field.
    • At least one website resource (not to exceed 2).

    Student will:

    Develop a worksheet or quiz that coincides with the study guide. Using fill in the blanks statements, true or false statements, Yes or No questions and other types of questions, the student will create a worksheet or quiz that will demonstrate a person’s command of the information presented in the study guide.  The worksheet must be at least 20 questions or items. It must include information from each of the categories. It must include an answer key.

    Student will:

    Submit this work to the teacher for first review and approval by Friday of week one.

    Week two

    Student will:

     Create a cue card or check list for two fundamental skills that are used in the sport or activity. Research the skills individually and break each down in to “steps to check for” or “verbal cues” that an instructor would use in the teaching of the skill. Be creative, pictures or drawings are helpful. Venn diagram or a “how to” video clip or graphic organizer are some ideas to consider. 


    Your assignment will be evaluated on the following:

    Completion of all assignment tasks.

    Use of accurate content information to develop your study guide, worksheet and skill checklist/cue card.

    Creativity – artistic expression and design.