Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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    Here is information regarding Read Across America Day.  Your children were given a hard copy of this letter today with photos of possible examples.  .  

    Harrison School Celebrates


    Monday, March 2, 2020



    This year’s theme: “Inspiring Characters”


    At Harrison School, we are proud to be great readers and deep thinkers. We love to share our favorite books with one another, and we often find that the characters we meet in books have the same hopes, dreams, friendships, and challenges we have in our lives.


    Each year, teachers offer our Harrison children a wide variety of books and characters who help us think about our lives, and can help us grow and change. Memorable characters in favorite books can often provide a glimpse into how we might handle some of life’s unique situations, no matter what age we are or what grade we’re in.


    Kindergarten students love the fact that Pete the Cat never loses his cool, even when his brand-new white sneakers turn red after he jumps in a puddle of strawberry juice. Fifth graders still talk about how Jack stood up to an intimidating group of friends to defend his friend Augie in the book Wonder.


    To celebrate Read Across America Day this year, we are inviting families to share the qualities of a favorite book character by working together to create an “accessory” reflecting how a favorite character inspires us. 


    Accessories may be as simple or as elaborate as you like. They may be created from paper, fabric, textiles, string -- anything that you can comfortably wear that celebrates the qualities of the character who inspires you! Depending on the size of your creation, you may want to consider including

    • The book title
    • The character’s name
    • Words that describe your character’s positive traits


    Remember, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to approach this project! Think of it as a chance to “try your character on for size” as you think about what makes him or her special to you as you create your accessory. Please bring your completed accessory AND your book to school on Read Across America Day on Monday, March 2nd so that we can celebrate together!




    • Choose your book.


    • Select your character.


    • Choose an inspiring character trait which describes your character.


    • Create an accessory.


    • Include your book title, character’s name, and inspiring trait.


    • Bring your accessory into school by March 2, 2020.




    Examples of Positive Character Traits:

    • cheerful
    • caring
    • friendly
    • respectful
    • dependable
    • responsible
    • brave
    • courageous
    • independent
    • funny 
    • energetic
    • hard-working


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