Basic Movement - Rhythm & Dance (September & throughout the year)

    Leap: right/left*

    Mirror specific complex motor patterns

    Recognize time and effort are necessary for improvement

    Demonstrate proper warm-up & cool down

    Individual/partner jump rope stunts

    Analyze errors in partners movement pattern

    Recognize the role of dance

    Describe ways to use body & rhythm movement express


    Manipulative (November, December, March – June)

    Dribble a ball 50ft travel w group using feet (Soccer) *

    Kick a moving ball using instep with 2 steps (Soccer) *

    Throwing to moving target (Football) *

    Catching while traveling in various patterns (Football)

    Dribble a ball 50ft travel w group using hands *

    Dribble while protecting ball by changing hands & body position (Basketball)

    Strike a ball with heel of hand over net (Volleyball)*

    Strike a ball w forearms to partner- Bump (Volleyball)*

    Strike a ball with fingers to partner- Set (Volleyball)*

    Throw a ball 20’ 2/3X to target age app pattern (Baseball)

    Catch ball from distance of 15ft & absorb force (Baseball)

    Bat ball 2/3 times with grip/side/rotation (Baseball)*

    Define offense and defense

    Exhibits good sportsmanship in games *

    Describe/demonstrate principle of protecting ball when traveling


    Gymnastics (January & February)

    Forward Roll 2X double smoothly

    Positions: LO/T/P/standing back rocker*

    Backward Roll to feet w/o hesitation

    Pinwheel/Cartwheel transfer weight at diff levels

    Inverted balance: Tripod-Headstand-Handstand

    Vault- different body positions- flank, tuck, straddle

    Beam: Forward/Sideways/ Backwards/Balance*

    Climb Rope 12ft *

    Perform hang-tuck-pike on ropes

    Support weight while travel on apparatus (whittle)

    Gymnastics routine


    Fitness Testing (November-pre & May-post)

    Standing Long Jump*

    V-sit and reach

    Shuttle Run

    Pull ups

    1 Mile Run

    Curl ups

    Push ups

    Explain changes in body during phys activity

    Score 50% or higher on 3/5 tests

    Identify & describe 75% of components

    Responds cooperatively to leader decisions

    Written fitness test

Last Modified on November 11, 2009