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    Welcome to Third Grade,

          I hope that you are enjoying your summer and are getting ready to start the new school year. My name is Mrs. Wallock and I am excited to be your third grade teacher.

                The past two months I have spent my time playing with my sons Asher and Grayson, reading on the beach and enjoying the beautiful weather. I am excited to share all of my memories and stories with you. Remember all things we do, big and small, can be turned into ideas for writing. I can’t wait to hear about what you have been up to this summer. 

                We will have many adventures together in the third grade. You will become a creative cursive writer and a geologist when we study rocks and minerals. You will also travel back in time while studying Native Americans, and dive into many wonderful books. Most of all, we will have fun learning together!

                On the first day of school, I would like you to bring in your favorite book.  I would also like you to bring in an artifact that reminds you of a memory you had this summer. You can bring in a souvenir, picture, postcard, or any object that tells a story about your summer.  Please also make sure to bring in a healthy snack and a 4 X 6 picture of yourself (portrait) to hang outside our room.

                I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and I can’t wait to meet you on September 4th!

                                                                                                 Your Teacher,

                                       Mrs. Wallock



Last Modified on August 2, 2018