Home Reading



     What is Home Reading?

    • Home Reading consists of a plastic bag containing 1 or 2 books from your child’s classroom Book Baggie and a Home Reading Log
    • This assignment is flexible and will provide an opportunity for your child to read books that are appropriate at his/her independent reading level. 
    • “Home Reading” will be sent home Monday through Thursday. 
     Home Reading Instructions

     1. Home Reading Homework:  Monday – Thursday

    •  Every day, your child will choose 1 or 2 books from his/her classroom Book Baggie.
    • Optional:  Your child can choose 1 book from class library to read with a parent.
    Book Baggie books are “just right” books (books that are appropriate for your child to read and comprehend themselves).  
    Please feel free to help your child read the “just right” book if it is too difficult for her/him to read at this time of the school year.

    2. Students will (each night):

    • Read Book Baggie Books to a parent.
    • Reread short books 2 - 3 times or reread parts of longer books 2 - 3 times for fluency!
    • Tally the amount of times you reread.  

     3. Parents (each night):

    • Discuss the story with your child once it has been read to ensure comprehension.
    • Record book titles in the Home Reading Log.

     4. Return Home Reading Book Baggie and Home Reading Journal back to school EVERYDAY.


    Thank you for your support in helping to make home reading 
    an enjoyable experience for the children.

    Happy Reading!

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