December snowflake



    Here are some things we are working on….


    In Reading, we are conitnuing to build upon our reading strategies. We are learning to use decoding strategies such as using parts of words we know to read new words. We are also monitoring our reading by thinking about what makes sense, what sounds right, and what looks right. We are learning to read with fluency and monitor our phrasing and rate, pay attention to punctuation, and read with expression.


    In writing, we are working on getting ideas from authors. We are learning to write stories with a beggining, middle, and end. We are also learning to add to craft to our writing, such as using sound words. We are learning to write sentences using capital letters, spacing and punctuation. We are also rereading our pieces to add more to the pictures and words. We are also learning how to use sound words and use the word wall to write words correctly. We will be making sure our writing is following the capitalization and punctuation rules we are studying in Grammar.


    In Math, we are continuing to work in our addition and subtraction unit. We are learning how to solve addition and subtraction word problems using number bonds and number sentences. We are also learning how addition and subtration are related through fact families.

    Social Studies and Science

    In Social Studies, we will be continuing our discussion of families and as we explore family traditions and winter holidays. In Science, we will study the Polar Regions habitat and animals.

    Character Education
    This month our focus is on Citizenship.



Last Modified on November 25, 2020