• Guess What…

    Our class now has a subscription to RAZ KIDS!!


    On this website you will have the chance to READ MANY NEW BOOKS and you can LISTEN TO THE BOOKS read aloud to you. You can also take INTERACTIVE QUIZZES to

    check your memory and understanding of the book!


    This is a really fun way to practice

    reading comprehension and reading fluency.


    You earn STAR POINTS as you read and listen to books and take the interactive quizzes on the site. Use those points to “buy things” to create your very unique world of Raz Rocket! You can also read messages sent to you from your teacher.

    Get ready to have fun!

    To start the fun, use your login card your teacher gave you.


    1. Visit www.raz-kids.com/login


    2. Type your teacher user name __________ then  Click    GO


    3. Click the PICTURE ICON above your name


    4. PASSWORD is your assigned two picture icons from the chart