Please know your child’s days for Physical Education so they can be prepared. Physical education is a state mandated class where students must participate to satisfy 150 minutes per week of health and physical education. However, students cannot participate if they have a medical condition or are not prepared with proper attire including sneakers and appropriate clothing for physical activity.  If your child cannot participate in physical education due to a medical reason, the nurse must have a doctor’s note to excuse your child from the class. If your child is not feeling well, or just returning from an illness, their physical education activities can be modified for that day.

          We ask for your cooperation in preparing your child for Physical Education class with sneakers and proper attire for physical activity.  These mandatory rules are enforced for your child’s safety.  Preparation for physical education results in more minutes your child will be physically active having a greater impact on their health and enjoyment.




    Thank you for your cooperation.


    Brandee Adams

    Physical Education Teacher/Adaptive Physical Education Teacher


    UNSAFE:       Hoods * strings hanging from clothing * jewelry * work boots * snow boots

    * dress shoes * skirts * sneakers with heels or cleats* slip-ons


    SAFE:             Sneakers with the proper fit * long hair neatly tied back * layered clothing

    (ex. sweat suit with tee shirt and shorts underneath to allow for warm

    weather or heavy exercise)
Last Modified on August 17, 2021