• Unit Newsletter


     Fourth Grade ELA 

    We have begun Analyzing Texts and Identifying themes in ELA. Students are utilizing Venn Diagrams in order to compare and contrast the information they read between two presented passages.  The class continues to work on identifying the meaning of common idioms and expressions within a text. Students continue to practice utilizing text evidence to support their answers when completing open-ended responses. The class shows great enthusiasm as they learn about the different components of a Persuasive Essay.  Students have begun research for facts that support their reasoning of their opinions.  In Grammar, the students have been able to identify the difference between common and proper nouns in isolation.  They continue to practice this skill when asked to identify each type of noun within a presented sentence.  The students are also working on their Spelling words by completing various activities that review the sounds and rules of their wordlist.

    Third and Fourth Grade Math

    In Math, we are working in the Division Unit.  Students are learning the various ways to demonstrate division (i.e. equal groups, repeated subtraction, traditional/area model methods).  The class continues to practice the creation of word problems utilizing the process of division.  The students have done well with utilizing the opposite operation of multiplication in order to help with solving simple division equations.  Students continue to improve their fact fluency by increasing their accuracy and decreasing the amount of time it takes to solve a given amount of problems.  The students will continue to review word problems and complete daily Calendar Math reviews to build upon learned concepts.  




Last Modified on February 23, 2020