• May Units of Study
    Reading/Writing Workshop: Realistic Fiction
    Students will be using their understanding of narrative writing from our previous unit, Personal Narrative, to write realistic fiction stories. During this unit, students will craft well-developed "scenes" that include strong story elements such as interesting and meaningful characters, problems, and solutions. At the end of this unit, students turn their writing into books to share with their classmates and families.
    Math: Measurement and Data
    Students will be learning to measure volume, length, and mass using metric and customary units. Students will be learning to represent data in various formats: pictographs, bar graphs, picture graphs, line plots, etc.
    Social Studies: Immigration
    Students will be beginning this unit by identifying the different periods of immigration, beginning in the 19th century and working their way to the present. Throughout this unit, students will explore the different ways immigrants of the past traveled to the United States, their entry points, and the hardships they faced. They will then compare this to information pertaining to modern immigration. This unit culminates in the students researching and celebrating their own heritage.
    Science - Vertebrates
    Students will learn to identify the different characteristics of vertebrates and invertebrates. Students will then delve deeper into each of the types of vertebrates: mammals, amphibians, fish, reptiles, and birds. An overarching focus of this unit is an understanding of how animals change over time to adapt to their environment.
Last Modified on May 18, 2022