• 3/2/2020

    The children kicked off the week with a special Dr. Seuss celebration.  In honor of his birthday, the children were asked to pick any book and think about a special character the exhibited special or honorable characteristics.  While doing so, the children were able to think deeply about stories, make personal connections, ask questions, and decide which character traits were positive.  The children were then asked to create an aftifact or accessory to represent this character and their traits! They were able to walk with a buddy on a catwalk designed for showing off these creations! It was super fun to learn about all these books and characters.  Additionally, the children celebrated within the Kindergarten family a special "read around kindergarten" Each Kindergarten class rotated and visited each Kindergarten teacher and heard a special Dr. Seuss book! Ask you child which books they heard and which was their favorite.  Some were silly and some had special lessons to be learned!



    During Writing Workshop, students have been working on writing nonfiction pieces. They have written to tell about topics such as our classroom, their weekend and presidents. As students write they are working on stretching their words to spell, using the word wall to incorporate sight words into their writing, and using writing conventions, such as leaving space between words and putting a period at the end of their sentences. Please encourage their use of these skills when they are writing during Star of the Week homework at home! 

    During Reading Workshop, students are enjoying reading the books in their book bags with their partners. Students read both independently and to their reading partners, helping each other use reading strategies. Students are also working on reading comprehension strategies such as making connections, making predictions, and making inferences. See if students can answer comprehension questions that you ask during reading time at home. Log on to your Raz Kids account for practice with reading comprehension questions too! 

    Students continue to have fun during Star of the Week as they learn more about the Star and practice crucial speaking and listening skills. All are excited as the star's favorite things are shared. 



    The children kicked off the week ready for learning! Harrison School is proud to announce that we adopted a koala!  With our generous donation,  that helped fund the adoption of this special and adorable mammal.  The children learned about Koalas, their life cycle, habitat, eating habits, etc.  We learned that they are marsupials that carry their young in a pouch, just like kangaroos.  The kindergarteners even begain brainstorming names for our new little friend!  Stay tuned!  The children were excited for a Kindergarten milestone: 100 Days Smarter! The children made special hats and then visited 10 stations where they practiced counting by 10.  In all they had 100 objects to collect and count!  Finally in this very eventful week and with anticipation, they got ready for the special Valentine's Day holiday and party.  They enjoyed making personal mailboxes for special deliveries.  The children also completed the I Love You books they created for their families.  They used what they knew about pattern books and created this special gift.  Thank you to Motz Press for helping make these books a tradition!  Everyone had a great time at our Valentine's Day yoga! They got to practice their yoga moves and stances with their fifth grade buddies- They even exchanged cards! They enjoyed this sepcail time together.  Afterward, the Kindergarten children had their Valentine's Day party where they enjoyed special treats and a fun craft.  It was a blast! Everyone was so excited to take their mailboxes home!  Thank you to everyone who contributed food and party supplies! We appreciate it!  Thank you, also, to our class moms for organizing everything.  Have a wonderful break!




    It was a busy week of fun and learning in kindergarten.  We read a story called Things I Love the Most and we spoke about all of the things that we love.  (The children are working on a special surprise for you. Shhhh! It’s a secret!) The children practiced their fine motor skills to create Valentine’s Day projects, books and crafts. Students created love bugs and learned about symmetry as they folded paper and a doily heart to create symmetrical love bugs and love bug wings. They enjoyed drawing antennae, eyes, noses, and mouths to create their very own unique love bugs. They are proudly displayed on our kindergarten bulletin board.

    We are all readers in kindergarten! The children have been working in guided reading groups. This is a special time where children work in their “just right” books in a small group with their teacher. The children are learning reading strategies and comprehension skills. Most importantly we are instilling a love of books and reading!




    This week in kindergarten, the children learned about Groundhog Day. They shared poems, sang songs, read informational texts, and learned many facts about the groundhog. Some of the terms we discussed were hibernation, burrow, roam, and shadow. They finished the January calendar and said goodbye to the 3D shape pattern calendar cards. The children learned the names and attributes of 3D shapes (cylinders, cubes, spheres and rectangular prisms.) Please ask your child about February’s calendar math pattern.  

    The kindergarten children learned about germs and healthy habits with Mrs. Milano, our school nurse.  Mrs. Milano taught us what germs are, how they spread, and how to keep germs from getting into our body.




    The kindergarten children had their own “kick off” to Chinese New Year. Each of the classrooms had very special classroom moms visit to talk about their traditions, share crafts and treats. The children learned that 2020 is the year of the rat! We also read stories in our classrooms about this special holiday and created a lantern with a wish for our families. Thank you to all the families who came in to visit and to those who sent in treats.

    In Reading Workshop, the students are reading pattern texts. These types of books help build students’ confidence and help them learn new words through repetition. See if they notice a story pattern in the book that they bring home in their red Reading Workshop folder.

    The children have been comparing quantities in math. They have been matching groups in a one to one correspondence to determine which group has more, which has fewer and which groups are the same. They are learning to use mathematical language to describe the concepts of “more than”, “fewer than”, and “the same as” when comparing quantities.



    Hero Groups:  On Thursday the kindergarten children participated in another amazing “Hero Group” experience. The groups began with a quote from Walt Disney…"First, think. Second, dream. Third, believe. And finally, dare".  During Hero Group time, the children learned what a goal is and with the help of some of their favorite Disney characters, learned strategies to help them reach their goals.  The main highlight of group time was taking the “cup challenge” and trying to build the tallest cup tower.  While creating their towers, the students practice communication and teamwork building skills.  There were many smiles, cheers and encouraging words as students worked together. It will be an experience they will never forget! Harrison School is off to a great 2020!!

    Mix-it Up Day: How sweet it was to have Mix-It Up Day on Friday at Harrison.  The Kindergarten children had a special treat as they were visited by the second grade teachers.  The Kindergarten teachers “Mixed-It Up” and made a surprise visit to the second grade classrooms. Books were read, stories were shared and fun was had by all! The kindergarteners also ate lunch in a beautifully decorated lunchroom, courtesy of the PTA!! Thank You!!

    Happy Birthday Martin:  Kindness, Peace, Caring, Love….some of the words that were used as the kindergarten children learned about a famous American, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He is a true inspiration to us all! The children listened to books and stories about Dr. King and have been learning about his contributions to our society. Each day in our kindergarten class, we are seeking ways to solve our little problems peacefully and to show fairness and kindness to our school friends.  Please encourage your child to be more like Martin. Hopefully you are hearing your child sing this simple song….

    Sing about Martin. Sing about Caring. Sing about Peace. All around the world!



    Happy New Year! We hope that you had a wonderful winter break! Upon their return from break, the kindergarteners met as a K-Family to kick off the new year together! Students sang a new year song and listened to a New Year resolution poem. After, they returned to their classrooms where they further discussed New Year resolutions and decided on their very own resolutions for 2020. Finally, students drew their resolutions and recorded how they look in the year 2020 by drawing a self-portrait. Through our New Year resolution lesson, students practiced generating ideas for writing, writing to communicate with others, and using shapes and details when drawing. 

    Our Star of the Week program is going strong. Speaking and listening skills are a focus of our Star of the Week sharing time. Using an appropriate volume when speaking so that people can hear you, looking at people when you talk and when you listen, and talking in complete sentences are just some of the speaking and listening skills fostered during Star of the Week sharing time. Those who have not been the star yet are eagerly anticipating their turn! It is fun to learn more about each classmate!

    During math, we started our measurement unit. The students are learning to describe items using the measurable attributes, length and height. They are learning to compare objects using appropriate descriptive language such as “as long as”, “the same length as”. “longer than”, ”as tall as”,”taller than”, and “shorter than” through exploration.

    Students shared about what they did over winter break and changed the classroom calendar to reflect the new year, too. We are looking forward to a great new year ahead. 

    This week Harrison School celebrated its birthday! 90 years young! the children had a party and watched a presentation walking through the 9 decades since the school first opened its doors in 1929.  They saw the changes in clothing, music, toys, games, etc.  Also, they sang and danced together as a school community and ended by singing Happy Birthday.  Back in the classrooms, the children created a special project to be hung on the door for the scavenger hunt.  Ask your child about their classroom door and all the others in the school.  Thank you to those who came out Tuesday night for the Birthday Party at the school.  The children enjoyed making pins and the reader's theater presented by the Harrison School teachers!  
    The Livingston Police Department came to the school to have an assembly with the Kindergarten and First graders about online safety!  They discussed safety with computers and other devices.  Thank you LPD for the wonderful discussion!
    It was a short but fun week! The children continued their pumpkin investigation and read Pumpkin, Pumpkin. Through this book, they learned the 5 stages of pumpkin growth and created a model by painting, coloring, and cutting pictures. The children worked to sequence the stages in correct order and use the model to retell the story Pumpkin, Pumpkin. On November 6th, the children attended a school wide assembly-“Colors of India”. The dancers demonstrated classical, folk and Western fushion dance (Bollywood style) and invited students to join in. It was a colorful, enjoyable, and educational experience. 
    The children all had a hand in planting this week. On a beautiful sunny autumn day, the entire Harrison community worked together to plant a beautiful garden. Every “KINDERGARDENER” helped dig to plant icicle pansies.  Also, the Kindergarten Family went on our first class trip to Wightman's Farm. We picked pumpkins, took a hayride, and had fun as a kindergarten family. Thank you to all the moms who helped make our trip so enjoyable! Back at school we explored the exciting world of Science! The children learned about pumpkins.  They measured height and circumference and looked closely at their pumpkins and recorded observations and findings. Halloween turned out to be a fun and excitng day! The weather held out for the parade and then the children enjoyed a special school wide sing-a-long. Finally, class parents joined us for our party and celebration.  Thank you to all who donated items to make our party such a fun and SPOOKtacular occasion!

    The Kindergarten students were paired up with a very special 5th grader, their buddy! They shared smiles and giggles and spent time outside drawing and illustrating.  They celebrated National Chalk Day by creating magnificent peacocks using sidewalk chalk on the black top.  This incredible conversation starter ignited plenty of fun between the buddies and they got to know each other and took turns listening and sharing.  This is the beginning of a year long special friendship. The Kindergarten children had a visit from the GT Teacher, Mrs. Miller, and explored the world of S.T. E. M.  They were engineers and found a solution for the five little pumpkins who rolled out of sight! Ask your child about the problem, constraints, plan, and solution.  How many different ways were they able to solve the problem? The students ended the week with an elaborate celebration! They learned about a cultural holiday, Diwali.  They read stories, tried new foods, created a craft, and celebrated! Thank you to the special guests who visited each Kindergarten classroom.  



    The children were very busy this week!  They continued their fine motor growth and continued practicing handwriting.  Ask your child how they use Wet-Dry-Try during Handwriting stations.   They also continued to work on writing true stories (personal narratives) during Writing Workshop.  They are generating topics to write about: places they have visited, things they like to do, something fun they recently did, their families and friends, etc.  The children are using detailed illustrations and labels in their work.  We encourage them to stretch out words as well.   The kindergarten students also visited the curiosity lab for the first time this school year.  Each class worked with Mrs. Caulfield on a variety of S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) stations.  Each station had a different objective or concept.  The children worked with a partner to construct, build, model, and represent.  They were thinkers and carefully planned out how to be successful at each station. Some included: building bridges, ramp mazes, shape models, visual dexterity cubes, architect design blocks, and magnetic buildings.  Ask your child which centers they visited! We look forward to going back again soon!



    Your child was an explorer this week! During a Kindergarten Family Meeting, we learned all about Christopher Columbus. We shared a story, identified rhyming words, compared a map to a globe, and learned a new song and dance that told all about Columbus' journey. The children discovered that explorers use tools to help them navigate. We compared the tools we use today to the tools that Christopher Columbus used. The children learned what a compass is and how explorers used it. They also learned that, long ago, explorers used the stars to navigate. The children were curious about how it felt to be an explorer like Christopher Columbus so we 'set sail' for a place in Harrison School that has not been explored... the basement. The children were so excited to visit the offices that are located in the basement and they used their 5 senses to gather information as they explored. Be sure to ask your child about our 'trip'!

    On Friday, we had a visit from the Livingston Fire Department. The children learned all about the job of a fire fighter and even got a chance to see some of the tools that fire fighters use.



    This was a short but fun filled week! The children visited the computer lab and practiced mouse skills.  They used clicking and dragging to color a scarecrow.  They were able to navigate the mouse and select their choices to create beautiful works of art. They continued to review proper computer etiquette: clean hands, taking care of equipment, etc.

    The students also created a page in a class book: Look Who's In our Class. They practiced spelling and writing their first names. The purpose of this class book is to reinforce our community and begin to learn to read each other's names.  The children went on a letter hunt to find the alphabet letters in their names and glued them with their pictures.The book will be placed in the classroom library for all to enjoy and get ot know each other.  

    Everyone did a lot of talking about flexible thinking and setting goals.  The children also met with their Hero Groups.  This is an opportunity to work in other classrooms with other teachers and friends and various grade levels.  A lesson was introduced for 'world smile day' and the children shared so many smiles while making slime!  

    Thank you to all the parents who joined us at our Back to School night this week. It was our pleasure meeting with you and we truly enjoy working with your children!



    What a better way to welcome fall than with our good friend Johnny Appleseed? This week the students met as a kindergarten family to listen to the book Johnny Appleseed. After listening to the story students retold some of the information they discovered using the puppets that they created. They even learned a song about Johnny Appleseed. Ask your child to tell you something they learned about his life.

    The apple fun continued in math as we sorted apples, discussed the data and used graphs to graph our apple data. The children recorded the data on their own individual graph.

    Uppercase F was also introduced as the first Frog Jump Capital in the Handwriting program. Students wrote uppercase F using various medias such as crayons, chalk, sponges, and finally pencils. See if they can teach a family member how to write uppercase F: start at the top, and use the Handwriting Without Tears terminology!

    Mrs.Healy visited each of the kindergarten rooms. She read The Pigeon has to go to School.  She talked about the first day of going to school worries and how the children now know school is a fun and safe place to learn. The children created a beautiful pigeon project.  We hope you will come and see it in the media hall.

    The entire Harrison school ended the week with a pep rally. We met the “Thinkables” friendly visitors from a far away planet who “invaded” Harrison's annual pep rally to teach students and staff how to use flexible thinking. The Thinkables gave everyone strategies to use as we face future challenges with a positive mindset and flexible thinking! At the end of the pep rally everyone participated in a health challenge ….Happy Feet…we walked laps around the blacktop to keep us healthy and our blood pumping!



    In Kindergarten, our week started with a BOOM! Chicka Chicka, Boom Boom has quickly become a Kindergarten Family favorite. The children celebrated the letters of the alphabet through song and dance and discussed story elements like characters, setting, problem and solution. They followed step-by-step directions and used problem solving and planning skills to create beautiful coconut trees! Ask your child to tell you the story of Chicka Chicka, Boom Boom!

    The students also had their first visit to Harrison’s beautiful computer lab. The children learned computer etiquette and the parts of a computer like the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. 

    Finally, the students began a very exciting project...illustrating their own Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? books! Students met as a K-Family to read the book together.  Then, throughout the week, they illustrated the first few characters in their books. This special project has writing, reading, and math incorporated in it. Students will be identifying 2D shapes, talking about shape attributes, drawing with shapes and details, and reading using the story pattern. Ask your child about this exciting book!

    Each day at our school, our day begins with the Pledge of Allegiance. The children have been learning to stand proudly and recite the pledge. They even made their own American Flag!
    They read Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere and learned that a bubble is a sphere that is filled with air. As a kindergarten family, everyone played with bubbles outside! 
    The children also read a very special book called The Rainbow Fish and talked about what it means to be a good friend. They learned about friendship, colors, and working together. They even made a promise to be a good friend to everyone. The children also got a chance to paint their own rainbow fish... they look so beautiful!
    The week ended with a tour of Harrison School on a quest to find our class bear. On our way, we met many important people who work at our school. You will never believe where the class bear was...Ask your child about it!
    Dear Kindergarten families, 
    The first week of kindergarten was awesome! The days were packed with fun "getting to know you" activities as well as learning all about Harrison School and practicing daily routines. This week, the kindergarten friends also read Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten and drew a self portrait. As a kindergarten family, the children learned about fire safety and fire drills. They even had a chance to practice and learn the procedures for fire drills at Harrison School. The children also met as a kindergarten family to read Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes. The Kindergartners had a great time singing along with the story! The week ended with celebrating each child's beautiful name! The children dot painted their names which will be proudly displayed in their classrooms! 
    Check back weekly for updates! 
    The Kindergarten Team 
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