We are very busy during this month of March in second grade! 
    In math, we are continuing to learn strategies to solve two and three digit addition. Later in the month we will begin to apply number sense concepts to subtract two and three digit numbers. The students will learn strategies such as using a hundreds chart to subtract as well as traditional regrouping skills. Don't forget to sing the song, "If it's smaller on the top"
    During ELA, the students participate in small reading groups in the afternoon.  We are learning to predict about our new books and how to capture our thoughts on Post It notes.  It's not about reading words to finish a page, but to read for deeper meaning!   We are excited to read the Magic Tree House book, "Balto and the Blue Dawn" as we are learning about the role that brave sled dogs played during "The Great Serum Race."    It is also the perfect time to learn about the sled dogs and mushers that race in the Iditarod. We will follow and cheer on our mushers until they reach Iditarod, Alaska and then turn around and do the southern route back to Deshka Falls. 
    In the Writing time we are writing our opinions and supporting them with convincing arguments! 
    In S.S. we are learning all about the basics of Economics.  We will learn about Needs and Wants and how Producers help supply us Consumers with Goods and Services.
    At different times during the day at the beginning of March, we will learn about the Iditarod Dog Sled race and relate it to our different units of study!
Last Modified on March 11, 2021