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    Units of Study- October 


    Word Study/ Multi-sensory reading strategies

    • Students will work on differentiated word patterns based on their reading level which varies from:
      • phonemic awareness
      • letter sounds
      • cvc words
      • long vs short vowels
      • vowel teams
      • magic e
      • r controlled vowels
      • open and closed syllables
      • sight words on their reading level

     **This is individualized, please reach out if you would like to know what your child is working on

    Guided Reading

    • Students will work on the following comprehension skills throughout the year during guided reading groups:
      • inferring
      • visualizing
      • questioning
      • monitor & clarfying 
    • This month we will focus on questionng


    Writing/ Grammar

    • Students will review grammar and writing concepts based on their writing level:
      • spelling sight words and word patterns learning in word study
      • parts of speech: nouns adjectives and verbs
      • writing detailed sentences
      • reviewing sentence structure
    • 3rd graders will work on narrative writing pieces
      • using a hook
      • using details with a beginning, middle and end
      • using transition words


    • Students will work on differentiated work based on their math level which varies from:
    • 3rd grade
      • numbers to 10,000
      • adding to 10,000 with and without regrouping
    • 2nd grade
      • numbers to 20/ adding to 20
      • numbers to 40 



    • 3rd graders will be learning about Geology 
      • 3 types of rocks
      • the rock cycle
      • layers of the earth


    Social Studies

    • 2nd & 3rd graders will be learning about Maps
      • using map keys
      • using a compass
      • looking at world maps



    Character Education/Healthy Habits

    • 2nd & 3rd graders will be learning about Respect, School Violence Awareness Week & Red Ribbon week
    • 2nd & 3rd graders will be learning about hygenie (ie. hand washing, staying healthy) and healthy eating habits







Last Modified on October 7, 2021