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    1Be prepared

    -Wear proper clothes and sneakers

    -No jewelry

    -Be ready to participate

    -To be excused- you must have parent/doctor note

    -Use bathroom before or after class

    2) Follow signals– Stop – Look – Listen

    -Stop–Look–Listen when teacher begins to speak, claps, whistles

    -When teacher speaks- everyone listens and follows directions

    -Raise hand and speak when called upon

    3)  Be a good listener

    -Listening position- legs folded, hands on lap, eyes on teacher,

    -Quiet when entering and leaving

    -Pay attention to directions and safety instructions

    -Respect teacher and classmates by listening to speaker

    4)  Cooperate and play by the rules

    -Share equipment

    -Use equipment properly

    -Be a good sport

    -Cooperate with teacher and classmates

    -Respect the feelings of others

    -Encourage others to do their best

    -Aim to be a role model for peers & younger students

    5)  Careful when in motion

    -Stay within safety lines (general space)

    -Do not enter anyone’s personal space- no touching

    -Use space outside safety line to enter or leave gym safely

    6) Try your best

    -Give your best everyday both physically and mentally

    -Understand personal differences in various content areas



    1) Check play area for glass or other dangers.


    2) Use the equipment as it is intended to be used.


    3) Only use the equipment you feel comfortable with.


    4) When climbing or hanging, hands must always be on the bars.


    5) Do not run around or jump off equipment.  (No tag games)


    6) Always treat others with respect.  (No pushing, holding or lifting)


    7) Stay clear of moving parts and action areas such as:

            * the bottom of slides

            * under bars

    * glider paths


    8) On the slide, travel from the top in a forward position.  (Feet first)


    9) Use slides, monkey bars, gliders, rings, etc., one at a time.


    10) While on the monkey bars or rings, keep your feet together and under you.  Hand from your hands using a “monkey grip”.


    Safety Tips: Gymnastics



    1)  Appreciate the risk

    -Participation in gymnastics, even under the best of conditions, carries with it a reasonable assumption of risk.

    -Note the fact that improper behavior during this activity can result in injury, paralysis or worse.


    2)  Dress appropriately

    -No jewelry, must have sneakers and loose clothing, long hair should be tied back, no skirts or dresses, no hooded sweatshirts, and no hard hair ties or clips.


    3)  Check equipment

    -Prior to each use, make sure everything is in the proper position. -Any questions ask the teacher.


    4)  Be prepared to participate

    -Be ready to listen to instructions and safety considerations.

    -Make use of time given to practice and improve skills


    5)  Establish clear student-teacher communication

    -Everyone should know exactly who, what, when, where, how, and why a skill is to be performed.


    6)  Master the basics

    -Basic skills are the foundation for more advanced skills.

    -Proper technique is crucial.

    -Never try a stunt beyond the level of that being performed in the class


    7)  Check your mat before you begin

    -Do not attempt to perform any stunts until the person ahead of you is off the mats and clear of your path.


    Safety Rules


    1)   Be prepared

    -Remove all jewelry on fingers and wrists

    -Tuck in or remove all loose fitting clothes

    -Check shoelaces


    2)  Be a good listener

    -Quiet when entering and leaving

    -Pay attention to specific directions for each part of whittle

    -Follow all safety instructions


    3) Cooperate & follow rules

    -Share equipment & make room for others

    -Use equipment properly

    -Respect the feelings of others

    -It must be quiet so teacher can hear those who call for help

    -One student at a time on all crossovers except cargo net (2)

    -Always dismount from A-Frame

    -Ask before you act


    4)  Careful when in motion

    -Walk around the outside of equipment and matting

    -Do not jump on or off the whittle -mount/dismount from A-Frame

    -Must hold on at all times with 2 hands unless other wise instructed -Do not raise your hand if on whittle- Call for assistance

    -Call the teacher immediately if you or a classmate is having difficulty

    -Do not attempt anything you are not comfortable unless teacher is spotting you

    -Think before you act


       5) Try your best

    -Try to face your fears with teachers help

    -Understand individual differences
Last Modified on September 16, 2014