• Reading Workshop

    Launching Fiction: Building a Community of Readers is the current unit of study in Reading Workshop.  This unit emphasizes the importance of students analyzing their reading lives and setting ambitious goals for themselves.  The unit will focus on learning the rules, routines and expectations of Reading Workshop. This unit will also focus on the importance of reading with stamina and fluency to support comprehension. The students will be learning how to refer explicitly to the text in order to answer questions, describe characters in a story and how their actions contribute to the sequence of events.


    Writing Workshop

    The class has begun their first unit of study, Launching Fiction: Building a Community of Writers.  In this first unit, students will understand that their own lives are brimming with stories that are worth sharing.   Students will generate, collect and rehearse ideas and stories from personal experiences. As writers, the students will use dialogue and descriptions of actions, thoughts and feelings to stretch the “heart” of their stories.  Students will be striving to increase their independence by employing strategies they have been taught in order to write quality, focused pieces.



    The first unit in math is Number Sense.  During this unit, the students will learn to use symbols to read, write, compare, and order numbers up to and including four digits.  Students will be able to form a visual and/or concrete model of these numbers from models constructed in class. Numbers will be represented in standard form, expanded form and word form. 

    Students will use place value to understand how to round whole numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.  Students will also be able to solve problems using estimation and rounding strategies. As always, students continue to use "friendly numbers" and patterns to help them answer daily questions.


     Social Studies

    Geographic Tools is the first unit of study in social studies.  Students will have fun learning the basic features of a map, the purpose of a map versus a globe, an understanding of our global address and how to plot coordinates using latitude and longitude.  In this unit the students will develop an overall understanding of how maps help us in our daily lives.



    The class is looking forward to “digging into” the Geology Unit!  Students will be finding out about the four layers of the Earth that include the crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core. Then they will be exploring the different types of rocks: sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic.  We will also learn how these different types of rocks are formed.


Last Modified on September 16, 2019