• Fall Production is Pending.  Our Potential show and information for 2020 is listed below.  For more information contact Mr. Russoniello at CRussoniell@livingston.org


    Fall Theatre Production


    Any sixth-grade student who currently attends Mount Pleasant Middle School. Even if you missed the first rehearsal, all are welcome.


     Shel Silverstein Coffee House


    Mount Pleasant Auditorium


    Rehearsal dates: Wednesdays until 5 pm

    Production date: December 6 at 7 pm


    Several reasons 1) Shel Silverstein is amazing 2) The coffee house provides all the students with a unique opportunity to participate in a theatrical production to whatever degree they want. Students can prepare solo poems as well as duets. They may prepare as few or as many pieces as they want and also participate in several group pieces.


    If you are interested in joining our happy group but are not sure how or if you just want more information please E-mail Mr Russ (crussoniello@livingston.org)


Last Modified on September 9, 2020