• Reading


    Reading: Unit 1, Grade 5:

    “Launching the Workshop Through Character Work”

    Unit Description:  In this unit, there will be a focus on setting up the Reading Workshop while examining characters in literature.  Students will be able to establish, reflect on and revise ongoing goals to improve reading behaviors and deepen their thinking. Students will write about character change, motivation, actions, and relationships in response to their reading.  


     Writing: Unit 1, Grade 5:

    Launching a Community of Writers: Personal Narrative and the Writing Process

    Unit Description: In this unit there will be a focus on setting up the Writing Workshop while crafting a memoir using the qualities of good writing and techniques from mentor authors. A memoir is a narrative composed from a personal experience that focuses on the significance of the relationship between the writer and another individual (or thing) and is supported by memories of specific experiences. A memoir, as a literary genre, forms a sub-class of autobiography. Memoirs may appear less structured and less encompassing than formal autobiographical works; and they are often about part of a life, and often a public part of one’s life, rather than one’s whole life, from youth to old age.


Last Modified on September 3, 2019