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    ***Check General education teacher's pages for special schedule 

    Week of September 20th:  Students will be familarized with daily routines, use their materials independently, and learn about their classmates. 

    This week in reading, students will participate in the read-a-loud Johnny Appleseed.  Students will discuss the story elements: character and setting. Students will also demonstrate a deeper understanding of the text by making a text to self connection. During writing, students will be asked to write a narrative about how they help others.

    This week in math, students will demonstrate their one-to-one correspondence when counting by using various manipulatives. They will also be working on identfiying, counting, and writing numbers to 100.  Utilizing a 100 chart, students will find patterns as well as discuss 1 more/1 less of a number.    



     Week of September 27th:  

    This week in reading, students will participate in the read-a-loud The Rainbow Fish.  Students will discuss what it means to be a good friend and qualities of a kind person.  Students will create a text to self connection as well as story elements problem and solution.  Students will continue writing narratives this week about friendship.  

    In math, students are working on place value.  Students are learning to use base ten blocks and a place value chart to create 3 digit numbers.  Students will also learn to compare 3 digit numbers by telling their partner which is greater than/less than.



    Week of October 4th: 

    In ELA, students will participate in the shared reading of the story Thundercake by Patricia Polocco. Students will discuss the the major events of the story as well as describe how the main character changes over time.  Students will write a narrative about something they are afraid of and share their stories with a partner.  Students will learn facts about thunder and lightening and listen to a poem titled Weather.  Students will make a craft related to thunder and lightening and the story elements. Students will be reviewing  the short and long u vowel sound utilizing both pictures and words sorts.


    In Math, students will continue to find missing numbers in a pattern utilizing a 100 chart and/or base ten blocks.  Students will also learn to compare 3 digit numbers by determining which number is greater than or less than the other utlizing a place value chart. 



    Week of October 11th: 

    In ELA, students will be learning about the lifecycle of pumpkin.  Students will participate in the shared reading From Seed to Pumpkin and discuss the various stages of a pumpkin.  We will discuss fiction verses nonfiction and elements of both genres.  Students will also have the opportunitity to create an informational essay by writing/drawing each stage.  Students will be reviewing the sounds learned thus far utilizing both pictures and words sorts.

    In math, students will be reviewing how to add numbers 1 to 20 mentally.  Students will learn various strategies to perform double digit addition without regrouping.  Students will have the opportunity to use the strategies and decide which one they are most successful with and choose that strategy.   



    Week of October 18th: 

    In ELA, students will be participating in the read-a-loud the Enormous Turnip. Students will be sequencing the story, discussing story elements (character, setting, problem, solution) as well as learning to give a detailed retell using pictures and puppets.  Students will also be creating their own narrative about a time they planted something that was ENORMOUS and they called for help.

    In math, students will continue to add double digit numbers without regrouing using various strategies such as drawing dots and counting on as well as utilizing base ten blocks and a hundred chart.  Students will also add 3 digit numbers together.


    This Friday, Oct 22nd is our Apex Fun Run - don't forget to wear comfortable clothing and bring an extra water :)




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