• Birthday Celebrations

    Happy Birthday

    We are very happy to celebrate your child's special day!

    Our birthday procedures are as follows:


    •  We are happy to send out invitations if your child is having a party.  We ask that you kindly include all children in the class or all girls or all boys.  Please do not put names on envelopes. Please give enough invitations and we will put them in the folders.  If you choose to send invitations privately and don't include the entire class, please discuss this with your child so feelings are not hurt.  


    • You may send in birthday treats with your child to share with classmates. Please be sure it meets the guidelines of our nutrition policy.  The nutrition policy can be found on the school nurse, Mrs. Milano's, web page.  Among other guidelines, sugar can not be the first ingredient!  Also, please be aware of allergies in the classroom.  No peanut or tree nut ingredients.  


    • The birthday child brings home a special bag on the night of their birthday.  The "Birthday Bag" has a selection of various birthday books for your child to read with you at home.  The bag is due back the next school day! There could be another birthday the following day so it is important to return the birthday bag the next day.  


    • Your child will receive an "All About _______" book.  This can be completed and returned as soon as possible. The birthday child will share it with the class and then add it to the "All About" book bin in our genre library.  The children love to read about their classmates!
Last Modified on September 18, 2019