• October News


    What’s happening in First Grade in October???


    In Reading, we will continue to build our reading stamina with our daily independent reading.  We are learning how to work in partnerships to talk about books and read together. We will be reading the popular folktale, “The Turnip” and several other versions to compare and contrast.  We will focus on sequencing the story and learn about other story elements such as setting, characters, problem and solution.

    In Writing, we are continuing to work on writing personal narratives.  We will learn how to use transition words such as… “first, then, next, and last” to write a small moment story across several pages.  We will make our writing easier to read by focusing on appropriate spacing between words, capitalization, and punctuation. The Getting Ready to Write worksheet is helping us think of things to write about. Please remember to send the worksheet back to school on Mondays.  Please try to focus on vocabulary for ONE story to help students narrow down their ideas. 

    In Math, we are beginning our unit on addition and subtraction to 10.  This unit will focus on “number bonds” which shows “part-part-total.” We will apply addition and subtraction strategies to write number sentences and solve addition and subtraction word problems. 

    In Science, we will be observing the seasonal changes outdoors.  We will be using science tools and our five senses to observe outside.  In preparation for our field trip to Riamede Farm, we will be learning about the apple and pumpkin lifecycles.  As we become apple and pumpkin experts we will compare and contrast the two lifecycles, explore the inside and outside of a pumpkin and apple, and do an apple STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) project.  Of course, we are anxiously awaiting the Full Hunter’s Moon on October 13th!

    In Social Studies, we continue to discuss how to be respectful classroom citizens by getting to know each other and learning how to work collaboratively in various group settings.  This includes using manners and kind words too! In October, we celebrate the “Week of Respect” by reviewing how to be kind to ourselves and others. October is also Fire Safety Month.  We are looking forward to a visit from the Livingston Fire Department this month.

Last Modified on October 7, 2019