• January Newsletter

    What’s happening in First Grade in January???

    new year


    In Reading, we will continue to practice sequencing, retelling, and identifying the story elements (characters, setting, problem, and solution) with the popular folktale The Mitten.  This book is filled with rich vocabulary and connects nicely with our science topic, animals in winter.  We will also be launching our nonfiction unit! We will be exploring many types of nonfiction books: informational, how-to, and biography.  We will look through nonfiction books to find their helpful text features- table of contents, headings, bold words, photographs, index, glossary, diagrams, maps, and labels.  Check out some nonfiction books at the library and see how many nonfiction text features you can find!


    In Writing, we will be writing informational books.  We will use what we know about nonfiction from our reading unit to write our own nonfiction books.  We will read mentor texts to learn more information about a topic, and then write about what we know.  We will continue to work on spelling, capitalization and punctuation.


    In Math, we are exploring “Numbers to 20” by learning to recognize numbers 11-20 as a group of 10 and a particular number of ones.  This skill sets the foundation for developing the idea of tens and ones and then making sense of two digit numbers, which is necessary for addition and subtraction.  Later in the month, we will begin the unit, “Addition and Subtraction to 20” where we will review past strategies and learn new strategies. Doubles facts and the doubles plus one strategy will be practiced in this unit.  


    In Science, we will be studying how animals behave in winter.  We will learn about animals that hibernate, migrate, and adapt.  We will observe the change of season and see what animals are able to still be outside due to their adaptations.  What animals collected food in the fall to prepare for the winter? What animals had a change of fur color to blend in with their habitat?  We will become winter animal experts!


    In Social Studies, we started the month learning about New Year’s traditions and setting our school resolutions.  Later in the month, we will learn about an American Hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We will read books and discuss the american hero characteristics that he possesses. 

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