• Smart Music

      This is the program we have been using in band and orchestra lessons. This great program allows students to practice with accompaniment and then it tells them what they got right or wrong. Their whole lesson book is on it plus others.  It can be used on any tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. You must use the Google Chrome browser.

    • Steps to Access Smartmusic:

      1. Go to home.smartmusic.com

        a. You will see this on the screen

      1. Click the on where it says “I’m a student I need to join a class”

        a. You will see this on the screen

      1. In the email box, enter your school email. In the class code box, enter your class code.

                          Hillside Grade 4: K4CLT-34WPQ

                          Hillside Grade 5: WHAML-KLKDW

                          Harrison Grade 4: UC6U6-2QGCR

                          Harrison Grade 5: A367P-PFECE

                          MPM: TE4J6-FP6PR

      1. Click the “Find Your Class Button” 

        a. You will see this on the screen

      1. Click the “Join this Class Button”

        a. If you have never used Smartmusic before (you probably have not), your screen will look like this. Answer the questions on the screen in order to finish creating the account

      *If you see a different screen it is because you have already created a SmartMusic account before, scroll down to step 12*

      1. Once you have answered all the questions click the submit button on the bottom right. Here is an example of what your screen will look like

      1. Once you click submit, SmartMusic will say that it has sent you an activation email.

      1. Log into your email where you will find the email from SmartMusic. Open it and click the “Confirm Your Email” button

      1. After clicking the “Confirm Your Email Button”, you will be brought to a new page. Enter the email/username and the password that you just used to make the new account.

        a. You will see this on your screen

      1. Then click the “Login” button. Now you are logged into SmartMusic, yay!

        a. Your screen will look like this, it will show the assignments that you need to complete

      1. Complete the assignments!

      2. If you have ALREADY created a SmartMusic account in the past, instead of bringing you to the page shown in step 5, it will bring you to this page.


      Simply enter your email in the username/email box, and enter the password you made when you created the account in the password box. Click “Login”, and you will be brought into your SmartMusic account, where you can begin to complete the assignments.

      Log in with your username (first.last@lps-students.org) and passcode (same as the one you use for your school email)
      Happy playing :)





Last Modified on March 24, 2020