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    Gelman: 25z2lbb
    Connell: qb4xzsd
    Gullo: vl2tmgv
    Barrasso: tpkd5ot
    1st Grade
    Pannia: or33na7
    Falchetta: jw4j2ov
    Schulke: 5vrwixt
    Cagnetti: 75mtpze
    Green: a3kedig
    2nd Grade
    Faro: ss3qkv2
    Faber: ofnuiyz
    Zavaglia: ecjy7w7
    Weissman: 2r3iwhn
    3rd Grade
    Hart: jcfyc5f
    Ammar: shnpkgq
    Calabrese: 65ufy4g
    Becker: aqgcns2
    Horwitz: mcvhlsf
    Fiore: wx6hpmx
    4th Grade
    Moltane: yt3yqfp
    Fro: 2hp2hzc
    Mullen: b27h5ug
    Raiola: lpbp5ik
    Daugherty: 3dsnde7
    Miller: glcppxu
    5th Grade:
    Torres: t4ghng6
    Craig: ahs7lw5
    Szelighowski: lknv3tp
    Aivars: xp22jrk
    GT Art: d45oowm
    Sophie and Nesto are helping me with your lessons in my Home Art Classroom! I can't wait to see all the art you create!
     Home Classroom with Sophie & Nesto
Last Modified on March 25, 2020