• Hi Mrs. Weissman's Class!

    Here is your first remote learning music assignment!

    If you have ANY questions at all, email me at  mmatten@livingston.org


    1) Click on the link below for Kodaly's Viennese Musical Clock.
    2) Listen from 8 seconds to 22 seconds then pause the video.
    2) Go back and listen to seconds 8 - 22 again. That is the "A" section of the song. (Remember FORM?)
    3) Now go back to the beginning and listen to the WHOLE song. How many times do you hear that A section? Play it more than once if you need to.
    4) To find out if you are right, click on the ANSWER link.
    5) Have Fun!!


    Viennese Musical Clock





Last Modified on March 16, 2020