• Units of Study Grade 4

    • Reading:

      ▪Building a Reading Life and Fiction Analysis

      ▪Reading Informational and Literary Non-fiction Closely

      ▪Interpretation and Analysis Across Texts

      ▪Reading and Research in the Content Area

      Historical Fiction Book Clubs (and Related Informational Texts)

      ▪Reading Poetry

      Skills will be reinforced through Guided Reading groups, read–alouds, independent reading


      ▪Launching a writing community & realistic fiction

      ▪Opinion essay

      ▪Historical fiction

      ▪Literary essay

      ▪Informational Writing – Research and Writing in the Content

      ▪Exploring Poetry

      Grammar & Word Study – integrated throughout the  year in writing and across the curriculum



      ▪Scientific Method

      ▪Molecules to Organisms

      ▪Body Systems

      ▪Forces, Energy & Waves

      ▪The Changing Earth- Weather & Erosion

      * Note: Will we do a great deal of hands-on STEAM activities and


      Social Studies: Understanding Where We Live 

      • Unit 1: USA Mapping  -In this unit, students will learn the U.S. capitals and states, location of each state within the regional framework, and the basic features of a map.
      • Unit 2: Regions of the USA    
      • Unit 3: Structure of the United States Government  


      ▪Number Sense

      • Addition/Subtraction and Problem Solving
      • understanding multiplication & division, multiplication (area and perimeter),
      • fractions
      • decimals
      • measurement and data-customary and metric
      • patterns
      • geometry


      Basic facts:  proficiency in all operations


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