• Marking Period I Topics for Grade 4

    Data Analysis ~ the measures of central tendency
    *reading, interpreting, and creating graphs, charts, and tables
    Number Sense
    *place value
    *value up to the hundred millions place
    *reading and writing large numbers up to the hundred millions place
    *number forms (word form, expanded form, short-word form, expanded notation)
    *comparing and ordering numbers
    Addition and Subtraction
    *review and extension of previously learned strategies
    Problem Solving Strategies
    *Make a list
    *Make a table
    *Draw a picture or diagram
    *Find a pattern
    *Act it out
    Calendar Math
    *Odd and even numbers
    *Multiple and factors
    *Elapsed time
    Social Studies
    Map Skills
    *Using an atlas
    *Latitude and longitude
    *Political maps 
    *Physical maps
    *Regions and borders
    *Cardinal directions
    Colonial America
    *Living and working in colonial times
    *Colonial schools

    The Scientific Method
    *Describe and sort objects according to material and physical properties;
    *Distinguish between the three states of matter;
    *Recognize that heat can cause a change in the state of matter; and
    *Investigate matter by observing material under magnification.
    Natural Systems:
    *Living vs. non-living
    *Five kingdoms
    Plant Kingdom
    *Vascular vs non-vascular
    *Trees of the northeast
    *Carnivorous plants  
    *Describe parts of a system and ecosystem;
    *Identify examples of habitats and niches; and,
    *Investigate the interdependence of living things and their environments

    Reader's Workshopreading
    *Launching the Reader's Workshop
    *Fiction Study
    *Character Study
    *Non-fiction Study
    We will focusing on using our reading strategies while reading.  The students will be engaged in reading books at their independent reading level.  They will have the opportunity to learn new strategies, meet with partners, use post-its to track their thinking, and discuss their reading.  They will also be introduced to writing about their reading, as they will keep a Reader's Notebook.  During the first unit we will focus mainly on management and organizing our reading minds.  We will then move into our study of character.  During this time, students will be reading books and focusing in on the characters, their personalities, how they change, act, etc.  This is a great way to get students interested in reading, especially because they get to pick which books they want to read!

    Writer's Workshop
    *Personal Narrative
    *Realistic Fiction
    *Personal Essay
    Students collect ideas and entries in their writer's notebook.  They will use these entries to draft a variety of writing pieces throughout the year.  Revision and editing are learned in order to create a polished final copy of writing.

    Grammar (on-going throughout the year)writing
    • Parts of a sentence
    • Parts of speech
    • Usage
    • Mechanics

    Word Study (on-going throughout the year)
    • Small group work (leveled basis)
    • High-frequency words

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