Car Talk: An Offer They Couldn't Refuse

Seniors Get A Free Oil Change at LHS Auto Shop

Nick Politano, a Livingston senior citizen, knows a bargain when he sees one. "I take advantage of every good deal in town." And that includes the free oil change offered to senior citizens. No coupon required.

Politano was among the seniors who took advantage of Senior Car Care Week, bringing their cars into the shop at Livingston High School. For just the price of bringing their own oil and oil filter, students in first-year automotive technology classes did the work.

"Why pay a lot of money when you come here?" joked Dante, a student in the class who may have a career ahead in advertising.

Livingston is among the few high schools still offering what used to be known as auto shop. Students learn how to rebuild an engine -- they're working on an El Camino -- but they also learn the technology of the future, like converting engines to fuel injection with on-board computers and alternative fuels.?

Senior Car Week provides the students real-life learning, running the program for senior citizens similar to a retail auto shop.

Politano figures he saves a minimum of $25. "For many of the seniors, it's a big plus. You have an appointment and they stick to the appointment. It's convenient too," he said.

Maria Scioscia was another senior taking advantage of the offer. Her young mechanics rotated the wheels of her car, checked the fluids, and lubricated all the hinges of her car.

"It's nice to see the rapport the students develop with the seniors in town," said teacher Griff Hughes.

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Griff Hughes teaches automotive technology at Livingston High School.


Griff Hughes teaches automotive technology at Livingston High School.
Maria Scioscia thanks her "mechanics," students in the LHS automotive technology program.