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    Together    We   Learn

    Together   We   Grow

    Hillside is not your average school and our Physical Education program is not your average program either! We provide unique fitness / sport skills experiences using various movement education units that integrate our value-based approach. We know that when quality  instruction is tied to personal values that movement experiences last longer, occur with greater intensity, and are more easily shared with others.

    Sadly today, play is all or nothing. With kids moving further away from the joy of ‘natural play’, it is imperative that kids build their own personal compass to build confidence and feel pure joy :)

    Unfortunately too many children are finding themselves in unnecessary technological isolation. Many are inadvertently missing key elements of childhood like play, creativity and freedom. It is imperative for kids to work via movement on their personal compass to build confidence and mature with equal amounts of humanity and strength.

    Our classes combine the essential elements of motor planning, core fitness, sport skill development, imaginary play, and cooperative team skills to create activities that are used to conquer challenges that result in skill and overall fitness enhancement. We also know that children need to gain a better understanding of the “fabric of play”. These skills include understanding the benefit of learning how to “be here” and “let it go”, celebrating personal attributes and achievement while at the same time being open to differences in others, and pushing oneself past initial failure so to build capacity.




    I ask the children to follow two simple rules: 

                  Be Here -  Always do your personal best to focus on the teacher and the task.

            Let it Go - Let go negative conflicts and equipment so that you can make smart choices


     Please feel free to contact me between 10:15-11am on Wednesday Nov. 25 if you have any questions:




    Password:   351786


Last Modified on November 24, 2020