• NEWSPAPER CLUB – If you love to write, take photos and collaborate, please join the Newspaper Club with Mrs. Incognito.  It is an opportunity to develop your collaboration skills.  For a few emerging leaders, this club is an opportunity to demonstrate your initiative as one of our Editors.  

    The MPM Jr. Lancer School Newspaper is supervised by Mrs. Incognito
    Meetings:  Meetings are held twice per month in an advisor’s classroom/online.  Information about meetings is communicated to students in the daily announcements and on Schoology.  
    If present in school:
     Students who walk or get driven home by parent/guardian must provide a ride to pick-up their child, or allow them to walk home at 4:00 PM. 
    Assignments:  Students who have an assignment (articles, comics, photographs, and/or other submissions)  will be added to our Puma Post Google Classroom page.  Access is restricted to Newspaper Staff only when students receive their assignment for an upcoming issue. 
    Please email the Advisor, Mrs. Incognito, with any further questions you may have:   aincognito@Livingston.org   
Last Modified on December 2, 2020