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    The mission statement for Livingston Schools is “empower all to learn, create, contribute, and grow.” A central and underlying component of this statement is the need for students to have an understanding of foods/nutrition, clothing/shelter, and family/child relationships.  The Family and Consumer Science program provides coursework and "real world" experiences in these areas.  Additionally, all Family and Consumer Science courses provide students with career-related knowledge and skills. 
    Leading up to high school:  The sixth grade Family/Consumer Science course connects students to the types of technology, processes, and products that impact the four fundamental areas of everyday life: food, shelter, clothing, and relationships. The focus in this class is on developing the knowledge and skills that will enable students to begin to be able to live independently and take care of themselves. Consumerism, budgeting, career awareness, foods/nutrition, cooking safety, clothing choices/decisions, etc. are explored through a series of hands-on projects and assignments.
    The seventh grade FCS curriculum provides the skills and knowledge necessary to make sound nutritional choices. Through a series of hands-on activities, students work collaboratively to master the principles of food preparation, safety, sanitation and independence in the kitchen. Students will apply the principles of color and design while using textiles as the medium to design a product to suit their individual needs.
    Eighth graders create collaborative projects that apply their knowledge of nutrition, design and culture. Students learn proper food handling and preparation techniques as they prepare foods that reflect various world cultures. Through the construction of a "new product" from an existing textiles product, students develop an understanding of environmental stewardship. Students are introduced to possible career choices based on their interests and skills.
    Livingston High School Family/Consumer Science courses provide students with the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to specific food, nutrition, fashion, design, and family development areas of study. All classes provide students with opportunities to develop FCS skills and competencies while applying 21st Century skills (analyze, problem-solve, communicate, coordinate, collaborate, etc.). Emphasized throughout every course is “real world” application of knowledge and skills and NJCCS standards 8.1, 8.2, 9.1, 9.2, and 9.3.
    James Novotny
    6-12 Technology Education and Family/Consumer Science Supervisor
    Email: jnovotny@livingston.org
    Phone: 973-535-8000, x8053
    Family and Consumer Science Teachers 

    Stacey Aneson - Fashion Design, Interior Design/Sports Nutrition, Hotel/Restaurant Management
    Marissa Maltz - Family/Child Development/Hotel/Restaurant Management/Sports Nutrition