• Today’s Homework


    Language Arts/Writing

    -Read for at least 25 minutes today, tomorrow, and Sunday. Write post-it notes for any Heart, Tough Questions, Again & Again, Memory Moment, Contrasts & Contradictions, Aha Moment, or Words of the Wiser, Signposts you find. The next book club meeting will be Monday!

    **Please remember that if you’re reading for at least 20 minutes each day along with the reading you do at school, you should be able to finish an average length chapter book every week and a half to two weeks.**

    RACERS Responses:

    5P-Due Monday, December 17

    5N-Due Monday, January 7

    5D-Due Monday, January 14


    Word Study

    Math/Calendar Math

    Division Quiz next Tuesday




    Social Studies:   

       5D- Current Events due 12/14

     Other Important Information


    Darst Scholastic book orders are due on Friday, December 14.

    Class code: GZHHY