• Livingston High School Forensics Team Expectations (as per the NFL Honor Society)


    In participating on the Livingston High School Forensics Speech and Debate Team, I represent my family, my team, my school, and myself.  I am bound by the LPS Code of Conduct and the laws of society, which I will respect and obey except for reasons of conscience, in which I will make my disagreement public and stand ready to accept the consequences.  In recognition of the above, I pledge to meet the following team expectations:


    1. I will keep all commitments to the team regarding participation in interscholastic speech and debate events.


    2. I will maintain the ethical standards of the activity, avoiding cheating, fabrication of evidence, and misrepresentation of any kind.


    3. I will not possess or consume any alcoholic beverage or illicit drug while I am participating in any speech and debate activity (classroom, home event, or travel).


    4. I will not condone, either implicitly or explicitly, the actions of those who do the above, and I will try, to the best of my ability, to discourage others from breaking these rules.  My actions might include leaving the scene, dealing directly with it as a leader, or informing the chaperones or coach if the situation warrants it.  If I am a team officer, I recognize that I have a special obligation in this regard.


    5. I will recognize that the speech and debate team cannot function without my trustworthy behavior and that my violation of this code will result in my being suspended from interscholastic competition in addition to any other school punishment.



    I freely accept these expectations, and I hereby affix my signature:






    I support my child in his/her commitment to these expectations: