Welcome to my class!  This year students
    will learn about number sense,
    multiplication and division, volume, fractions,
    decimals, patterns and algebra
    math, measurement,
    coordinate plane, data analysis, problem solving and geometry.

    1. Homework must be completed in pencil.
    2. All work must be shown.
    3. All Assessments will include a section with vocabulary, matching or explanation; a section to demonstrate conceptual knowledge by solving examples; a section that is an extension (application of the skill); and a section with an open-ended question.
    4. Tests count as 50% of your final grade.
    5. Quizzes count as 30% of your final grade.
    6. Homework, Notebook quiz, participation, effort and attitude count as 20% of your final grade.
    7. Homework will be given Mondays through Thursdays.
    8. There are no surprise tests or quizzes.
    9. There will be at least one Notebook Quiz per marking period.

    Tuesdays - Thursdays: AFTER SCHOOL 2:40 - 3:00pm
    Mondays - Thursdays:  DURING LUNCH by appointment


      Teacher Name:  Mrs. Gail Kelly
      Room:  3
      Grade:  5th Grade
      Subject:  Mathematics


    Important Upcoming Events:
    February 27th - CM Check-in (graded)
    March 2nd - Cat in the Hat Day (wear red and white)
    March 3rd - Fox in Sox Day (wear crazy socks)
    March 4th - Wacky Wednesday (wear your wackiest mismatched clothes)
    March 5th - Oh, the places you'll go day (wear clothing/hat with a place that you have been)
    March 5th - Fraction Test
    March 6th - Favorite Character Day - (dress as yuor favorite character from any book)
    March 13th - Decimal Quiz
    April 2nd - Decimal Test
    Specials Schedule for September 2019 - 2020
    Day 1:  Phys Ed (Don't forget your sneakers!)

    Day 2:  Phys Ed (Don't forget your sneakers)

    Day 3:  Media

    Day 4:  Art

    Day 5:  Spanish

    Day 6:  Music


    Students should be practicing on Freckle math website and on Khan Academy for at least 10 minutes DAILY for MATH! 
    Go to:  http://student.freckle.com
    code:  3s3ts6
    Go to:  www.khanacademy.org
    Log in using your google account
    Students can access the My Math online textbook by going to the following website:



Last Modified on February 26, 2020