Music Department

  • The Music Department offers a full-range of courses to suit every student’s interest and abilities in the study of this art form. Courses provide opportunities for the study of Music in the areas of musical performance, music theory, music technology, and music appreciation. Ensemble courses such as Band, Orchestra and Chorus are suitable for students at all levels of proficiency. Music students may study music in greater depth through the Music Theory and AP Music Theory programs. The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards in the Visual and Performing Arts are an integral part of all courses offered in the Music Department. There can be courses where students may have proficiency in the content from prior or out-of-school programs or experiences. If a student seeks to enroll in a course and has not taken the required pre-requisite at Livingston High School, the student must demonstrate his/her comparable proficiencies to the department supervisor. Students may not enter into a course without successful completion of a required pre-requisite or department supervisor approval. Upon supervisor approval, students will be notified if they are permitted to enter into the requested course.  

    Co-Curricular Activities 
    Jazz Ensembles, Notations, Chamber Singers, and Chamber Orchestra are offered to qualified students who are enrolled in corresponding courses (Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band, Chorus, and Orchestra) or any other music course. When the co-curricular ensemble has a fixed number or limited/balanced seating, priority will be given to qualified students enrolled in the corresponding class ensemble.  Please note: Jazz Ensemble seating for piano, bass, and guitar will be open to all students.  In all cases, an audition may be required for participation and seating in co-curricular activities. 

    Ms. Mara Rubin
    PreK-12 Supervisor of Visual & Performing Arts