Social Studies Department Overview

  • The goal of the Social Studies Department at Livingston High School is to study the decisions of the past in order for our students to become responsible citizens and participate in the formation of a better future. Through the study of history, our students will gain insight into the complexities of national and world issues and understand potential consequences of actions. Each phase of our program offers students an extensive knowledge base, critical thinking skills, progressive mastery of oral and written communication, comprehensive geography skills, appreciation of artistic and cultural pursuits, and numerous opportunities to examine and discuss values and ethics of the global community and the American society. In order for our democracy to continue to grow and become more inclusive, we need a participatory, educated, and responsible populace.

    The New Jersey Department of Education mandates students receive three core courses in the area of Social Studies. These three courses include one course (5 credits) of World History and two courses (10 credits) of United States History. The department offers these core courses at the CP and Honors level with an Advanced Placement opportunity in US History II. A humanities option is also available for students interested in exploring the interaction between History, Literature and the Arts.

    Beyond the mandatory courses, the department also offers 18 different elective options. These courses explore a variety of topics of interest. Students who are interested in a future involving social studies can investigate a number of career pathways. These courses include both semester and full year terms as well as CP and Advanced Placement levels. The Holocaust and Genocide course provides an opportunity to receive college-credit through a dual enrollment arrangement with Kean University.

    There can be courses where students may have proficiency in the content from prior or out-of-school programs or experiences. If a student seeks to enroll in a course and has not taken the required pre-requisite at Livingston High School, the student must demonstrate his/her comparable proficiencies to the department supervisor. Students may not enter into a course without successful completion of a required pre-requisite or department supervisor approval. Upon supervisory approval, students will be notified if they are permitted to enter the requested course.

    Charles Raphael, 7-12 Supervisor